Ima and Goglio sign a partnership for innovation in packaging for the coffee industry

Ima and Goglio, Italian multinational companies operating in the packaging solutions sector, have signed an agreement strategic partnership aims to bring together expertise and know-how to provide the widest range of processing and packaging solutions for the coffee industry, with a strong and mutual commitment to research and development of new generation packaging materials.

The two Italian excellence thus integrate their respective skills to get maximum innovation in a sector with high growth potential such as coffee. The agreement reached has great potential to generate a positive economic impact on a global level, given the solid and extensive network that both companies have developed over the years.

A partnership based on one cooperation that has already been consolidated for some time. In fact, in recent years the two companies have combined their strengths on several occasions to respond to the demands of the world’s largest roasteries: by integrating their respective competencies, they can actually offer the best technology worldwide for coffee packaging lines, from cereal packaging to end -of-line equipment that meets all the most demanding process, packaging and service requirements.

The announced agreement – which does not provide any type of integration, neither present nor future, between the companies or their respective divisions – consolidates this cooperation and consists of a strategic-commercial partnership that aims to systematize the respective expertise in the coffee packaging area.

Ima today, through its Coffee Hub, emerges as a single supplier offering complete technology, from prayer reception to end-of-line equipment that meets all the most demanding process, packaging and service requirements.

The Goglio group designs, develops and manufactures complete packaging systems that provide flexible materials for every packaging need. Innovation, service and quality are qualities that have always excelled Goglio, which has a strong specialization in the coffee sector and has among its customers many of the largest roasteries in the world.

“We need strong partnerships if we are to strengthen our presence in the global marketAnd. By combining our efforts, we offer added value not only for customers but also for partners and suppliers, ”explains Klaus Peters, IMA Food Sector Director, and Davide Jarach, Strategic Development Officer at Goglio.

At the heart of this partnership is the joint quest for sustainability, a priority mission shared by Ima and Goglio that focuses above all on the mutual need to develop. durable materials which can be used for their packaging solutions.

“Ima is pleased to be able to offer support from OpenLab, the Group’s network of technical laboratories and test areas, to accelerate the implementation of this priority project. With Ima Open Lab, we research, test and develop alternative processes and materials together with our partners and suppliers, and benefit from sustainable, compostable or biodegradable packaging solutions, ”comments Peters.

“Commitment to research and development is a key element for Goglio, which for years has been at the forefront of the development of new packaging technology and sustainable materials that enable higher efficiency and lower environmental impact,” concludes Jarach.

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