in a bikini she makes coffee, a heavenly vision

Laura Cremaschi gave her fans a sweet awakening with a breathtaking video. In the kitchen she makes the coffee: all the attention on the bikini

Golden moment for Laura Cremaschi, who after enjoying a well-deserved vacation is back with publications on Avanti un Altro. The series seems to be on the rise, following the social controversy regarding the cancellation and the decline in ratings, and at the moment they continue to broadcast the episodes regularly. Recorded bets, we remind you, at least followed by all the showgirls of the program also on their social profiles. Laura actually shared yesterday the outfit which she actually went on an episode with 5 days ago. Today, however, the content is of a completely different nature.

Model Laura Cremaschi (Instagram)

Nothing Next Another So this morning too Cremaschina, which appeared to the fans directly from her kitchen, for a really crackling good morning. The showgirl prepares the coffee for an advertising space for a well-known brand from Moka, and in time with the music, she changes clothes and then sits in a bikini. “Perfect Moka, perfect, at every opportunity!”, The slogan is recited at the end of the video and shared in the caption to the post.

Laura Cremaschi’s testimony of luxury: “A goddess!”

A goddess, what a crash! “,” Good morning Laura, you’re beautiful! “,” Happy Sunday!“, Are just some of the hundreds of messages that came in the comments to the latest post in Cremaschi. In fact, this Sunday morning at the end of February, Laura took a pinch of summer with her fans and showed herself – for the fiftieth time – in a bikini. After leaving the white beaches of the Maldives, the showgirl has therefore given herself a beautiful roll, for a commercial that has already had so much success.

In the stories, the young woman instead intervened with a series of videos from yesterday’s episode of Avanti un Altro, where she showed off an elegant and shimmering pink suit. Lots of gags as usual Paul Bonolis, with which the model enjoys teasing viewers at home. Finally, always among the stories, the inevitable reference with much “New post” to the latest content in his home. Among the many dresses on display, the suitarrived last, after the casual look at the beginning of the video in jeans and blue sweater, and after a very elegant red evening dress.

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