In addition to coffee and potato peels, there is the best natural method to cover gray hair without color in the refrigerator

One of the most common blemishes to deal with as we age is white and gray hair. Many women and many men try to cover their hair with salt and pepper by spending tens if not hundreds of euros in shades. But color is not always necessary to cover gray hair. Sometimes you just use the right natural products.

We have already seen how some of the products we have in the kitchen can have a double life, which makes them useful in other parts of everyday life as well. For example, we can use ground coffee and potato peelings as natural hair dyes, with excellent results. Today we are investigating the properties of another food, which can come in handy if we want to cover gray hair.

In addition to coffee and potato peels, there is the best natural method to cover gray hair without color in the refrigerator

An unexpected beauty ally can be clear butter. This animal fat, which can be bought in any supermarket, is the result of the chemical process of clarifying the butter. It is commonly used for various types of recipes, especially for frying and preparing certain sauces, such as Dutch and Bernese.

But as expected, cleared butter can also help us cover gray hair in a completely natural way. To take full advantage of its benefits, let’s take a nut and gently massage the head. Then let it sit for about an hour. Then we rinse with running water. We repeat the above operation a couple of times a week. The clarified butter nourishes the hair and helps it regain its natural color.

Another natural alternative method of dyeing

We talked about the effects of ghee on salt and pepper hair. But we also mentioned other foods that could serve as alternative methods of coloring. Among these is undoubtedly amla, a fruit that is native to India and not very well known in the West.

In addition to coffee and potato peelings, this vitamin C-filled fruit is known for its restorative properties. In fact, amla is often used as the main ingredient in many hair colors. The best way to use it is to extract the juice from it and mix it with a little coconut oil. After heating and cooling the solution, apply it to the hair as if it were a conditioner. We wait about half an hour and then rinse with warm water.

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