In addition to coffee cream, this frothy and sweet drink is a pleasure for the palate perfect for summer and is also low in calories.

During the hot months, when you go to the bar, you prefer cold preparations. The steaming cup of espresso is therefore quickly replaced by versions that are shaken with ice or by fruit juices and carbonated drinks. But these can also be prepared directly at home without necessarily having to spend money. For this reason, today we recommend a completely do-it-yourself alternative recipe: in addition to coffee cream, here is a frothy and sweet drink that makes everyone lick their lips. Let’s find out together what it is.

Cold preparations to spend a greedy and refreshing summer

We’re talking about spumone with chocolate flavor. As with ice cream, for example, this type of cream is very easy to prepare at home if you have the right decor. In this case, only a few ingredients are needed to serve it: 100 grams of ice cubes, along with 300 grams of milk, 60 grams of milk powder and 10 grams of unsweetened cocoa. This list can also be adapted to vegetarians by using herbal liquids, such as oats and soy, and replacing milk powder with the same weight of protein powder. However, it is necessary to be careful so that they do not have added sugars, so as not to increase the final calories in the recipe. To sweeten, you can use the amount of erythritol or stevia you prefer. In this way, it becomes possible to get a gluttonous sin that does not affect the line particularly.

In addition to coffee cream, this frothy and sweet drink is a pleasure for the palate perfect for summer and is also low in calories.

But let’s see what are the steps to follow carefully. First you need to put all the ingredients in the blender. However, you must be careful to use only 100 grams of the milk you have chosen, the rest will actually be used in the next step. Then just run the mixer on medium speed and pour in the remaining amount. The movement of the propellers will cause the mixture to swell excessively until it becomes voluminous and soft as a cloud. Then take a spatula to remove everything from the mixer and place it in serving glasses. We recommend that you enjoy it in company as long as it stays cold.

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No one knows but just a few ingredients are enough to get a creamy ice cream at home at almost zero cost without using either the freezer or the ice cream machine.

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