In addition to the ash and coffee grounds, there is a natural do-it-yourself fertilizer that will immediately cheer up the plants.

During the period of closures due to the spread of the Covid19 pandemic, many have developed new interests.
Some have become fond of cooking, others of reading while still others have turned their attention to gardening.

The latter in particular could illuminate many days among plants and flowers of all kinds.

Having learned to adorn the garden and terrace with hundreds of different species is a real treasure.

Among the plants that have begun to populate our homes, we find the greens that can absorb smog.
Among these, Chamaedorea deserves elegance, originating in South America. A very elegant plant that does not require special care but can sometimes show signs of suffering. To better treat it, then, in addition to dinners and coffee grounds, here comes a natural fertilizer that helps us always keep it lush.

How to take care of our green plant

Chamedorea must be placed in a place that is as bright as possible but away from direct sunlight.

As it was written, it is a very robust plant which, however, especially fears the cold. For this reason, during the winter period, he must spend the winter in the house away from radiators and overheated rooms.

When it comes to heaters, the air can dry out too much and the lack of humidity can create problems for our plant.

For this reason, in the event of an environment that is too dry, it will be excellent to proceed with nebulizing the leaves.

When it comes to watering, continue at least once a week with the equivalent of a glass of water.

Do not overdo it because it fears water stagnation more than lack of water.

But the dry leaves?

Occasionally, the leaves of Chamedorea may dry out. The reason is related to the lack of water or moisture. Observe the plant daily, in case of dry leaves or tips that tend to dry out, it will be necessary to increase watering.

If you live in a house with dry air, this plant can be placed in the bathroom.

Among the parasites that can attack Chamedorea, we find both the cotton-like cochineal and the red spider.

These are insects that, if not eradicated, can irreparably undermine the health of the plant. You can use specific products, it is advisable to seek the help of experts at a nursery. If nothing more can be done, it is better to remove the leaves and the diseased branch.

To eliminate cochineal, you can continue with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol.

In addition to ash and coffee grounds, there is a natural do-it-yourself fertilizer that cheers up our plants

To prepare a natural fertilizer, you can then use a waste that is widespread in the home. The orange peel can actually be easily turned into fertilizer. To do this, take the orange peels and cut them into pieces, let them dry naturally. Boil some water and put in the shell before letting it cool. Before using it to water the plants, it must be cooled and filtered.

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