In Milan, the express flies 1.30. “Coffee at 1.50 in sight”

Hot black coffee. Cup of espresso, which is consumed at the bar, is an increasingly expensive ritual for the Milanese. Until a month ago, the receipt was for a quick coffee, perhaps served with a chocolate, from 1.10 or 1.20 euros in most cafes in Milan, with additions for the variants. From the end of March, the increase has come: thus, the list of the most beloved and ordered drinks, from breakfast to evening, has been adjusted by many exhibitors to 1.30 euros with peaks of 1.40. “Because even the catering world has been overwhelmed by expensive bills and the increase in raw materials,” explains Fabio Acampora, vice president of Epam, Association of public businesses in Milan, owner of eight places in the city, including restaurants and lounges bar.

INCREASING PRICES. Wholesale Arabica costs 20% more, milk more 30%, sugar and cocoa more 10%. And also dishwashing liquid for the dishwasher soars. If the trend continues “the classic cup of coffee can reach a record of 1.50 euros during the year”, is the alarm launched by Assoutenti, the Association for Consumer Protection. “At the moment, we are resisting, possibly with limited increases, and thus trying not to let everything fall on the customers and going to meetings with consumers, because coffee is a daily ritual, a pleasure that no one will give up,” Acampora explains. The price of raw materials certainly affects the increases, then the ancillary costs must be added, from labor to the almost doubled bills.

COFFEE AND NEWSPAPER. “Coffee has always cost newspapers, but for several years the bars have preferred not to equate them. If we had to do it now, it would cost no less than 2 euros, so I think the cup of 1.50 is justified, between the expensive expenses and the service offered “, comments Michele Berteramo, Vice President of Epam , owner of two restaurants on Naviglio Pavese. Then, the comparison with the rest of Europe: na tazzulella ‘e cafè, “in Nice it costs from 2.50 € to 2.80 €, in Valencia it costs 1.60 € and in London broke it through 3 € “.

BEST BREAKFAST. The sting breakfast is also served, as the prices of cappuccino (from 1.80 to 2 auro), croissants (from 1.20 to 1.50 euros) and fermented cakes (over 2 euros) have soared by about 20% euros) . Breakfast at the bar – no less than 3.50 euros – is still an “irresistible break”. “The philosophy of life for the people who, after more than two years of fear of Covid, have realized that life must be lived has changed a little,” reflects Acampora. “So, they tend to indulge in many small treats, such as actually having breakfast or dinner from home.”

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