Instead of baking soda or coffee, we use this aromatic herb to perfume the garbage and eliminate the smell from the trash can.

With the advent of heat and rising temperatures, we are facing this problem here. The organic dustbin emits a bad odor and permeates the entire house. Anyone who does not have a garage or basement to store garbage while waiting to pick it up knows how annoying it is. Friends or family come to visit us, and no matter how clean it is, that bad smell is everywhere.

Not to mention the mosquitoes that immediately attack the dustbin as soon as the waste begins to decompose. We have seen how salt can help reduce the humidity in the bag and prevent the arrival of mosquitoes. However, it is not always effective in eliminating odors, but only in absorbing wastewater. We tried baking powder, but the problem persists, while coffee covers odors but does not last long.

Instead of baking soda or coffee, we use this aromatic herb to perfume the garbage and eliminate the smell from the trash can.

So here is a really super effective natural remedy that can finally eliminate bad odor. Of course, it is important to always keep the bathtub clean, but we can at least avoid cleaning it every day. This allows us to wait for the collection day without having to hide the bucket on the balcony. It is easy to see that one of the best ways to naturally hide bad smells is to use herbs. Faithful allies in the kitchen, they can have many uses at home, not just to flavor dishes. Rosemary, sage, basil, are all plants that give off a strong, very pleasant scent. Some are also great as repellents, such as borage, perfect against flies and various insects.

Why use this aromatic herb

But the aromatic herb we are talking about is perhaps less well known than the others, especially in this variety. We are talking about thyme, especially lemon thyme, that is, thymus citriodorus. This perennial aromatic herb has an intense lemon aroma, both in taste and aroma. It blooms right in the spring, with soft and nice flowers that last almost all summer. We can grow it on the balcony and use it to give an extra touch to the counter, but also to perfume the rooms.

The great advantage of lemon thyme is that, even when dried, it does not lose its characteristic aroma. When dried, it actually gives off even more perfume, a scent that gives us the impression of purity. So instead of baking soda or coffee, if we really want to fight bad odor, this is the solution. We put a couple of dried twigs on the bottom of the vessel or fix them on the lid on the inside. We can also create small bags to perfume the boxes and cover all bad smells.


Our grandmothers were right and even the experts confirm that this aromatic plant is enough to keep mosquitoes away

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