International Taste Institute, in Brussels Molise awarded Caffè Camardo

From Italy, 36 producers have won the stars of the 2022 Superior Taste Award

Brussels, 1 June 2022: the jury forInternational Taste Institute, which consists of some of the best chefs and sommelier in the world, awarded 2,350 food and wine products Superior Taste Award 2022. Around the world, food and beverage producers invest significantly in the quality and taste of their products. 2022 showed a sharp increase in the number of products subjected to taste assessments, especially in products related to health and sustainability.

Superior Taste Award

2,350 products received the Superior Taste Award, a certification awarded to products that meet or exceed (test scores above 70%) the expectations of our chefs and sommelier. Award-winning products they are well made, balanced and delicious. Thousands of products are evaluated every year and only the best are awarded.

Italy wins important awards for excellent taste

Water, coffee, pastries, cold cuts, creams and many other product categories have been praised. Producers of all sizes and from every corner of Italy have shown devotion and attention to taste. From Molise there are 3 award-winning producers: Ricci bagare, Camardo coffee, Senxup from the Di Iorio group.

Special prices to Italy

This year, only 28 products worldwide have received the Crystal Taste Award and 17 products have received the exclusive Diamond Taste Award. These are special prices for products that maintain high quality and taste levels for several years.

A list of the products that were awarded in 2022 can be found on the International Taste Institute’s website at

Make the world a better place

Alan Coxon, Chair of the International Taste Institute Chefs’ Jury:

“The best chefs from all over the world, representing all major culinary associations, Michelin chefs, MOFs, chefs for presidents and royal families, gather to evaluate consumer products from around the world. It’s a joy to share such special moments with such passionate people, all together for the love of food, products and professionalism

By bringing its expertise from gastronomy to serving the food and beverage industry, our judge helps and encourages producers to improve the taste quality of their products, which contributes to our mission to make the world a better place.

Healthy and sustainable, but even better

In 2022, we again saw strong growth in the presentation of products related to health and sustainability.

There has been a double-digit increase in plant-based meat and dairy alternatives, gluten-free and vegan products. Taste is the key to these categories. A 2022 study by Ingredion Proprietary Research showed that 53% of buyers of plant products consider “taste” as their most important buying criterion, long before “nutrition”, “brand capital” or “convenience”.

Eric de Spoelberch, CEO of the International Taste Institute: “Producing healthy but also tasty products is a major challenge for the food industry. We are extremely pleased to see that an increasing number of vegan or vegetarian products submitted to our evaluations this year have been awarded by our jury. A strong improvement over previous years which shows the fact that producers invest significantly in the taste quality of these products “.

International Taste Institute

International Taste Institute, founded in 2005 and based in Brussels, Belgium, evaluates and certifies the taste of food and drink from around the world. Its jury consists of over 200 famous chefs and sommelier from 15 European associations.

Over the years, more than 20,000 products have been certified by the jury of the International Taste Institute, which includes prestigious chefs and sommelier such as Ferran Centelles (chief sommelier of the El Bulli Foundation), Gabi Lucas (best sommelier in Spain 2021), Alain Nonnet (2 Michelin stars for 36 years), Bernard Vaussion (Chef of the President of France), Cristian Brancaleoni (Best Sommelier in Italy 2022) and Giuseppe Di Iorio (1 Michelin star), among many other established chefs and Sommeliers.

The International Taste Institute performs an objective sensory evaluation: its jury follows a rigorous blind test method where product samples are anonymized to avoid distortion of the score. In addition to evaluating the product’s performance according to the 5 standard sensory criteria, the jury provides comments and suggestions for further product improvements and food pairing.

The names of the award-winning products and manufacturers can be found at

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