Irresistible and to save is this light coffee cream without cream plus an alternative with water for lactose intolerant

With the arrival of heat, there are many good and simple recipes that are suitable for the summer. After ice cream, it is what is consumed most of all coffee cream. Fresh and good, there are many choices when you are at the bar. As the name suggests, it contains caffeine. The latter would act on our body leading to a state of tension. In addition, it would promote weight loss as it converts fat into energy, stimulates the thyroid gland and facilitates digestion. There are easy alternatives to the regular coffee cream that is still very good. Let’s see what ingredients we need for this recipe:

  • 200 ml of cold coffee (you can also choose the decaffeinated version);
  • 100 ml of cold water;
  • 200 ml skim milk (also the lactose-free alternative);
  • 3 or 4 teaspoons of stevia or 6 teaspoons of sugar.

When we have all our ingredients on the table, we can continue with the preparation, let’s see how.

Irresistible and to save is this light coffee cream without cream plus an alternative with water for lactose intolerant

First we prepare the coffee machine and put it on the fire. Then add the sugar when it has been released and place it in the refrigerator in a bottle to cool it down. It must be very cold, so you can even put it in the freezer. Take a bowl with high sides and pour the milk into it. With electric whips, we whip it until it looks foamy. You do not need to mount it too much because otherwise it can be disassembled, so you have to be very careful. At this point, we take back the coffee and whip it very hard to make it frothy.

We add the frothy coffee to the milk and continue to mix until everything is homogeneous. It may be that the mixture will not be completely assembled, this is normal, do not worry. The finished mixture is taken and transferred to a bottle and placed in the freezer to freeze it. It is recommended to shake it from time to time to make sure it is perfect when we are going to consume it. If we need it for the next day, we leave it in the freezer overnight and whisk it the next morning. This light coffee cream is irresistible and saving, but we also see another preparation for those who can not drink milk.

Too lactose intolerant

There is a dairy-free alternative, made with water. In this case we use soluble coffee (40 g), 250 ml of water and 200 g of sugar. We put the water in the fridge and then in the freezer for 15 minutes. Then pour the instant coffee into a bowl and add the sugar and cold water. We whisk until a thick and frothy cream is obtained and that is it.

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