Is coffee in contrast to the uptake of vitamin D? The results of a study

A recent study sheds light on the interaction between coffee, when drunk in excessive doses, and the absorption of vitamin D. Let’s see what came out.

Cup of coffee, beans and coffee powder (Unsplash)

A recent study highlights the interplay between coffee, when drunk in excessive doses, and absorption of vitamin D.. Let’s see what came up. The most beloved drink in Italy, and perhaps even in the rest of the world. Coffee, while it has several benefits, can cause serious problems in too high doses, one in particular it inhibits the body’s ability to absorb vitamin D.

It is the result of a study conducted by Chinese and Brazilian researchers, who came together to shed light on the issue. A problem that has already been addressed before but with more uncertain results. For their review, the researchers examined thousands of participants, tested levels of vitamin D and consumption of caffeine.

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The results of the study on the interaction between coffee and vitamin D.

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Stool with coffee powder (Unsplash)

About 13,000 people are studying, doctors have managed to provide more concrete information than before, even though they are still not completely safe. Excessive consumption of coffee, and therefore too high doses of caffeine in the body, inhibits the absorption of vitamin D. From the analyzes, all people who drank a lot of coffee, but also tea, in fact, were deficient in this vitamin.

Of course, there is not yet 100% reliable data, as it all also depends on the lifestyle adopted by individual patients. Further investigation is needed, but caffeine certainly interacts with the uptake of vitamin D, especially on older individuals.

Middle-aged people, on the other hand, showed less interaction. It is thus a study that is still not very accurate, but which, at least according to official sources, will continue to provide some answer to the question. But if a good morning starts in the morning, it is always good do not overdo the dosesconsumes a limited amount of caffeine.

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The consequences of a Vitamin D deficiency they are quite worrying because they cause minerals, especially calcium, to be poorly absorbed, making the bones more fragile. In addition, there may be joint problems, skeletal deformities, muscle weakness and light fractures. Supplementing this vitamin in the body is important by consuming the most appropriate foods.

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