Is the coffee in the espresso machine bad? Just do this simple thing, you don’t necessarily need to resort to descaling agents

If the coffee in the espresso machine is bad, it is most likely due to how we have maintained it.

In addition personal tasteof course, and the kind of capsule/capsule as we have chosen, there are gods reason saw it espresso machine can don’t satisfy us.

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where usually it’s the water’s faultHe was born in limestone contained therein. Which varies from house to house, depending on the water system in the area where we live. Limestone, as we told you in a recent article, can destroy appliances and furniture, although we keep everything clean. Fortunately, with some “smart” prevention e.g certain precautions, we can fight the “destructive” effects. And enjoy a delicious espressojust the way we like it.

Is the coffee in the espresso machine bad? Here’s why it happens

With the advent of home espresso machines we could change our habits and enjoy a coffee “just like the one in the bar”. The cup in the morning as soon as you wake up is a habit that has always been with us practically, and for us Italians it is practically indispensable.

Certainly pIn the café we could talk and write for hours and hours. There are different philosophies, styles and rules for enjoying a great cup of espresso. Sometimes in conflict with each other. As inadd sugar or milk. In all cases, there is only one “mission”: to devote oneself to a concentration of taste, energy and good mood.

Obvious if our coffee machine gives us a “disgusting” drink then we must run for cover. Most likely it is not a “wrong” blend but the way we kept the espresso machine. Like all appliancesreally, we have to take care of it.

To avoid the hypothesis of an error or defect, probably the coffee came out “bad” because the machine is clogged with limescale. As we know, there are many on the market descaling agent, which certainly does its “job” well. However, it must also be said that it is still a question of chemical substances. Which is absolutely not good for the environment and in the long run probably not even for us.

Here then is one simple trick about how clean the espresso machine in an efficient and ecologically sustainable way.

Getting good coffee isn’t hard, just do this one simple thing

First, let’s mark a date on the calendar. A coffee machine should be cleaned at least once a monthmostly if used every day many times a day. In case of sporadic use, we can also clean it every two months.

When the “deadline” has come, so even if a good coffee still comes out, we can make one thorough cleaning. And remove the limewhich is what gives it a bad taste. We are waiting for the car to cool downthen we insert in tray two parts water and one part vinegar. We take a big cup and we use the machine, like to make coffee.

Probably we will notice that the water is dark and opaque. We do it two or three turns until clear water comes out. If the smell of vinegar bothers you, rinse the tray well, refill it with only water and we repeat the operation until the sharp smell has disappeared.

If the cleaning did not produce the desired effect, we can increase the proportion of vinegar. We also have to take care clean regularly also everyone detachable parts of the espresso machine. This way we will keep the device in perfect shape and we will be able to enjoy our favorite blend even without using chemicals.

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