Is the glass of water drunk before or after the coffee? The expert’s answer

Water is drunk before or after the coffee? It is more important clean the mouth from someone left-overs to prepare the palate for the coffee itself or only later, for eliminate the hint of bitterness remained more or less persistent?

A situation common to all of us. In the bar, alone or together with friends, acquaintances, colleagues, a cup of coffee it is a glass of water served as a typical accompaniment (especially in the Central South) of the espresso we are about to drink.

Many swallow the water, still or sparkling, before coffeemany others instead after. Some, not to be mistaken, before and after. But why are we served water and what would it be opportune moment to drink it? With a full article on how to recognize quality coffee in mind (soon to be released), we spoke to an expert on the subject, Simone Amenini by Artisan Company and Coffee School of Florence. He removed our doubts about some curiosity related to the world of coffee.


Many drink it automatically, many others have probably wondered what the function of the water that is often served together with the coffee cup really is. Let’s try to clarify this. “It’s the classic question of whether the egg or the chicken came first,” begins Simone with a smile, who, before delving deeper into the question, submits a significant difference. He simply drinks one standard espressotypically, maybe at the bar or simply at home, or you are tasting a cup with superior quality productprobably in a cafe or coffee shop?

“Definitely a glass first to taste a coffee, if this coffee deserves to be tasted well, clean the mouth and favors the testing itself. This favors the perception of aromas And shades typical of a quality coffee“. And the first doubt we have removed.

Water and coffee, what to drink first?

“For example, if I ate something particularly fatty – he continues – before drinking a cup of coffee it would be better to clean my mouth with water, which helps remove the odors of our meal. And if the coffee isn’t good, it might as well be the food smell remains anyway, he explains with a joke.


If we are instead physiologically induced to drink the water afterwards coffee, this is one unequivocal sign: we have just ingested a product not quality. “Drinking water after coffee very often is one the body’s requestas especially when it comes to product not good this feeling remains Dryness to be compensated by drinking the water. Good coffee causes salivation, leave moisturized mouth thanks to his acidic substances, and for this no water would be needed. A coffee that can dry your mouth instead, perhaps because they have been used unripe grains And excessively toastedtakes you to drink”.

Generally speaking, therefore, drinking first would be more appropriate, so to speak, than drinking afterwards. All the more if we are talking, at least, about one quality coffee unable to dry the mouth but rather keep it moist.

waterfall smooth or sparkling? Another doubt that Simone answers for us: “The belief that carbonated water cleans better is incorrect, because in reality carbon dioxide increases little there feeling of bitterness some coffee. But these are technical details and ultimately make little difference to the average consumer”.

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