Italian brunch 2022: the project promoted by 50 Top Italy and Caffè Borbone for confectioners under 35 starts today

The competition will reward the best interpretation of the Italian brunch and its combination with coffee.The winner will be presented at Cibus, Parma Food Exhibition, and will be the main character in a video production with Caffè Borbone.

“Italian brunch 2022” begins today, the new project created by 50 Top Italy and from Bourbon coffee which will reward the best interpretation of Italian brunch and its combination with coffee.

The initiative, open to 2022-03-10is aimed at confectioners and confectioners who have not reached the age of 35 with proven experience in the industry, within and outside national borders, and aims to promote the heli-Italian culture in coffeecombined with new culinary trends which is being consolidated in Italy while improving young talents.

The brunch it is a meal born in England, in the late nineteenth century, to cheer and entertain the nobles, after Sunday’s hunting trips. So that was the question a moment of happy conviviality. The name derives from the union of the English terms brbreakfast And lunch: a meeting between the first and second breakfast.

That’s it, though in the U.S, starting from the 30s of the 20th century, which became part of the mass culture and gradually confirmed itself in large parts of the world as an informal lifestyle.

Today even in Italy has become a real one mattrend, one of the new trends in catering, consolidated especially in large cities. It is a predominantly youth phenomenon, the weekend, which is well connected to moments of social entertainment during the day that are already in place, such as breakfasts outside the home and aperitifs before lunch.

The Italian brunch lovers yes, they are looking for variety and the pleasure of being together, but they are also paying attention to quality, in attitude with the new need for Welfare And food safetyand close to the concept sustainability.

Therefore, we ask the young confectioners and confectioners who will participate in the initiative to give voice to their creative side, by a personal interpretation of Italian brunch and its combination with coffee.

Participation: confectioners and confectioners, who have not reached the age of 35 and who have documented experience in the industry, within and outside national borders.

How to register:

From 2022-02-28 and by 2022-03-10 you can send your own candidacy to [email protected] containing:

  • Name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Phone number;
  • Professional experience;
  • Own portrait photo in high resolution;
  • Name of the place where you work.

After evaluating the applications, 10 participants will be admitted to the sample, who will receive a free delivery from Bourbon coffee. Admission notice is sent via e-mail.

Sending material: The participant will prepare their brunch proposal and then send it to our editorial office at the address [email protected] past March 31:

  1. A video of a maximum of 60 seconds, in MP4 format, which has a vertical image, during which the participant will tell about his proposal;
  1. Recipe for the proposal, entered in the word file that you receive from the editors;
  1. Two photos of the proposal, in high resolution format, in horizontal format and a photo in vertical format.

Assessment: At the end of the competition, a the jury of experts nominated by 50 Top Italy, it will evaluate the submitted works and select the winning proposals.

Podium: For each of the first three classified, a video edited by 50 Top Italy.

Winner: The winner will be awarded one CibusParma Food Exhibition, il 04/05/2022after presenting a taste of its version of Italian brunch, and it will be hero of a video production with Bourbon coffee.

By participating in the initiative, you agree to the publication of photos, videos and recipes, always with reference to the author and the project, on the websites, and on related social sites.

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