Julius Meinl, growth in the Italian coffee market starts from the northeast

Vicenza as headquarters, Trieste as a European showcase, Martellago (Venice) as a recent expansion step with the acquisition of India Caffè. And now other integrations in the viewfinder, always in the northeast but not only. The expansion strategy of Julius Meinl, the historic Austrian coffee brand, has the compass pointed here.

The company was founded in Vienna 160 years ago and has been producing most of its coffee in the Northeast since the 1950s, first in Bolzano and then in Vicenzawhere it has established its Italian headquarters since 2003 and created a roasting plant in 2005 from where it now leaves almost 90 percent of production overall. In 2021, Italy represented for Julius Meinl the third country in the world in terms of turnover (20 million euros out of a global turnover of 155 million).

“We have always considered the country strategic – he said Sole-24 Ore Andreas Hosp, CEO Julius Meinl Italia – both for the high consumption of coffee in the sector where Julius Meinl operates, that of hospitality (bars and restaurants), and because in Italy mainly blends with high quality standards are consumed. We foresee growth based on three main areas of activity: organically, on a national level also by entering regions where we are not yet present with the aim of gaining broad coverage; through acquisitions we are considering; and through Julius Meinl’s entry into the great distribution for which we are preparing ».

Northeast but not only, it was said. Another acquisition may be in focus here, after the 2016 one that led to it Venetian India Coffee in the wallet by the Austrian company. But in terms of commercial expansion, the target areas are also those of southern Italy, to expand the presence of the young man’s iconic brand with the fez across the country. Nordost as springboard and base, with a focus on quality and elegance in the premises. Regarding Triestethere last year the historic “Cremcaffè” sign again lights up Piazza Goldoni under the direction of Julius Meinl. One of the most classic and popular places in the city, in line – aesthetically even before commercially – with the tradition of “poets’ coffee” born in Austria. The Cafè Sacher sign, which opens via Dante, will soon compete in Vienna on the sea.

Julius Meinl is one of the leading premium brands targeting the “away from home” sector, with 50,000 customers in 70 countries. In Italy 2021, it was in seventh place in its main channel, after players like Illy – which is challenged “at home” in Trieste – e.g Lavazza. As for growth in the rest of the world, in the words of Hosp’s CEO, the main target is the United States, where at the end of 2021 JM took over three major companies: Paramount Food & Beverage and Restaurant Beverage Service. Miami and Sovereign Coffee & Tea in Orlando, enabling the company to expand its presence base to over 500 new partners.

Christina Meinl

The company has historically been a family-owned business since its origins. Christina Meinl, now managing director for Austria, represents the fifth generation of the family. Julius Meinl’s forecasts for 2023 are to exceed a global turnover of 200 million euros and a turnover in Italy of 23 million.


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