La Genovese roastery opens its first cafe

CoffeeStorming is the first cafe of the La Genovese roastery that in Albenga has created an innovative concept that aims to lead to the discovery of coffee. At the heart of the new restaurant’s philosophy is sustainability and knowledge, with the promise of revolutionizing the industry

CoffeeStorming it is the roastery’s first cafe The Genoese to Albenga: a new concept store entirely dedicated to the world of quality coffee, innovations and its entire supply chain. A modern and relaxing space, equipped with a large dehor, where it is possible to taste the selection of the best coffee roasted on site and served in the cup with different extraction methods.

This is an ambitious proposal that aims to contribute to the development of this sector and develop knowledge about the entire supply chain. The aim is to raise awareness of the contribution of all actors involved, from the harvesting processes to the role of roasting and the improvement of the barista’s professionalism. In addition, we are faced with a project that combines environmental sustainability, respect for work, coffee culture and customer service.

A list in the cafeteria

CoffeeStorming is a place designed to bring curious people closer to the world of coffee, to propose and make known the different single origins from the main production countries, to teach them to recognize and appreciate them for their different aromas and tastes.
All this thanks to too Giesen W6A toaster, perfectly inserted in the cafeteria, used for weekly roasting of specialty coffee that leads the customer to an even deeper knowledge of coffee, in an adventure of aromas and flavors that starts directly with raw coffee.

Already with the choice of name, CoffeeStorming – coffee ideas in motion, we have tried to give a precise identity to this project, with which we want to combine innovation, knowledge, sharing and sustainability. – he says Matteo Borea responsible for the CoffeeStorming project. We believe that today we can only think about the future by sharing ideas and means, and that the development of the market cannot ignore the realization of projects that have at their core environmental and social sustainability.”

Radical and new choices have been made in CoffeeStorming. Single-use plastic has been phased out in all its uses: all crockery is ceramic and the takeaway glasses are 100% compostable material. Bottled water has been banned and complimentary water is served in a filtered and mineralized carafe with BWT treatment system.
In addition, one is installed in the room bidirectional open water station, room temperature and cold, where you can serve yourself freely and fill your bottles. It is used to power the coffee machines reverse osmosis filtered water only.

Giorgini and Borea with roasters

Customer culture

“We love coffee and we love making people happy with coffee. – Says Matteo Borea – We want to be able to show the quality of our coffees in every cup served, and we believe it is important that all employees are committed to the project. Only in this way will he be able to interest the customer and inform him correctly. And the way to achieve this must necessarily be through continuous training and calm within the team.”

In the cafeteria is the blend chosen to prepare the classic Italian espresso Kaffe Juta Bio La Genovese 100% Organic Arabica and certified by the Rainforest Alliance, be extracted with Marzocco KB 90, flanked by a steam module Marzocco FABULOUS dedicated to churning milk. Customers are free to choose between over ten different single originsmany of them organic or Rainforest Alliance certified.
All Borea specialty coffee (coffee that can be traced to the plantation of origin) is offered both with medium roast, through filter extraction and with espresso roast. Who wants decaffeinated can tasteArabica Single Origin Altura Mexico Organic.

All staff relate to the customer by telling the stories and characteristics of the different coffees served, the aromas, the production methods and the different extraction methods, with an inclusive, simple and clear language.

A coffee grinder Mahlkönig E65 S, available for espresso extraction of Jute and a blend Mahlkönig EK43 dedicated to the grinding of all other proposed coffees, both for espresso and for extraction with alternative methods to espresso, chosen for the precision of the grinding and for the absence of residues between one grind and the next, perfect for quickly changing different types of coffee, without waste.

CoffeeStorming is a place for inclusion, sharing and experience, where you can stay long and enjoy your time, socialize, enjoy the taste of slowness against the stresses of speed.
People are at the center of the project, even when it comes to the staff: Fabrizio Giorgini he leads the barista team and the entire staff has been involved in over two months of training.
An internal laboratory “on sight” prepares every day small pastries and savory dishes to make breakfasts and lunches enjoyable thanks to the care in the selection of ingredients.

“We don’t just want to talk to a small circle of professionals and coffee enthusiasts – He says Alessandro Borea, CEO of La Genovese – but to all curious people who want to approach this rich and varied world. Our aim is to communicate the coffee culture and all the work, ours and above all that which is carried out on the plantation and post-harvest. In the cafeteria, we also want to offer tasting and cupping courses for the most curious customers. Because in reality, coffee, like wine or spirits, has a variety of sensory properties that need to be discovered and learned to recognize.”

The store

And finally, CoffeeStorming is also a store where people can buy all coffees in the La Genovese catalog on the shelf, including pods and compostable capsules, and continue the experience at home.

Frying experience

On October 1, 2022, on the occasion of International Coffee Day, CoffeeStorming will inaugurate the new Giesen roastery with a welcome all customers who want to try the frying experience and surrounded by the magical aroma of freshly roasted coffee. This year, International Coffee Day is dedicated to the commitment to the well-being of coffee farmers and to finding solutions to reduce the coffee industry’s impact on the environment and to combat climate change. Initiative that is an organic part of the “CoffeeStorming” project.

Anyone who wants to enjoy the thrill of participating in a roasting event will receive a sample of roasted coffee as a gift.

Alessandro Borea Giesen

(Roasting Experience from 10:30 to 12:30 and from 15:30 to 17:30 on Saturday I October 2022)

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