Last coffee with Damiano and also the Tax Commission leaving Piazza del Popolo

Note to the reader: this article does much harm to those who have feelings, to those who have passions and count time. It is an article with such personal implications that it belongs to everyone. It speaks of a friendship, it speaks of a piece of Latina (and a bit of Sezze) it speaks of a generation that is now around 60 years old.

It was April 1983, another world. In my sand-colored Renault 4 with fixed seats, I accompany Damiano Di Tullio to take up the position of the First Instance Tax Commission in Piazza del Popolo in Latina.

A square full of offices, there was also a newsstand, with people coming and going from “stuff” like the land registry, the finance office, the library. It was nice to see people passing and many passing: groups of students walking from the bus line to Classico, to Accounting.

Since then, 39 and a half years, almost 40 but fate has not made us reach them. Every morning (almost) Damiano and I had coffee, walked along the street, joked in the bar and talked about Enzo, Gianni l’Amaretto, distant Sezze.

We had a thousand traveling companions early in the morning, Enzo Guglietta who got off the bus from Sperlonga, Ugo who collected the ammunition magazines, Giulio Notarnicola who headed the commission and Antonella Stabile. At a certain time in the morning, Bruno Creo is waiting for us with the black Ray Bans even when it was pitch dark, Cacetto who was also from Sezze but in Latina and we said goodbye as if we were still going to school at Piagge Marine.

And the day began, every day the same, for another rest.

Now, starting September 1, the first exam tax authority will go to the mechanographic center, it will not come and go from accountants, lawyers, officials. The historic center will be even more empty, but nobody cares one bit.

No would-be mayor has noticed or worried, no councilor… it goes like this.

After all, this story only interests me and my friend Damiano around the last cafe in the center.

39 and a half years ago we wanted to change the world, we are approaching retirement and this is the news.

A, for me and Damiano, don’t worry, we will be seen the same way, but we planned to end with retirement and not by moving. On September 1, the square will be more empty.

But Damiano explains in his optimism “Good luck ca semo ichi to the mechanic, stonco closer gas”. But we are sorry, a part of us is disappearing.

We are the ones in our thirtiesThat we toured Europe and AmericaAnd now we are tiredWe are like when the train leavesWe take back the jacket, put on the hatAnd we’ll see you there

Mimmo Locasciulliperfect crimes (1992).

We are now 60 years old

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