Last weekend in Luino to experience the coffee experience

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Born from the passion for coffee with two friends Loris Buffon and Michele Marmino, the “The Blend Post Bistro ”in via Cavallottiin Luino, this weekend says goodbye to Coffee Lovers.

A temporary concept that has animated the historic city center since November last year and introduced a different caféa café called “Specialty“For the lack of defects, the transparency of the supply chain and above all for the unique aromas (from dark chocolate to mango), which differ well from the” classic “espresso we are used to.

An energy charge also this last weekend with the handmade suggestions: we start tonight with coffee cocktails and Made in Busto Arsizio beer, to continue tomorrow, Saturday 26, and Sunday with coffee tastings (toasted by selected roasting companies, the result of the two friends’ travels), homemade desserts (like pancakes, banana bread, cinnamon buns) and CioccoBottega craft brioches. Among the suggestions you will also find aperikoffe the sandwiches to be enjoyed at your brunch.

For Loris Buffon “L ‘experience at the bistro where a personal and professional adventure. We started with two strengths: ours sight, connecting people by stimulating creativity and ideas, and thus seeking greater social well-being. It is spring missionit is the spread of the culture of Special coffee at Lake Maggiore. It is a drink rich in aromas whose fruits are harvested in the right degree of maturity and come from non-intensive agriculture, which keeps the soil and biodiversity intact; it stimulates the mind and brings with it people’s stories, a lot of work, commitment and study ”. He then continues with a reflection: “I believe and want every person to continue their passions and cultivate them to leave an imprint of inspiration for future generations”.

“A pleasant return to Cavallotti – comments Michele Marmino, former head of Cantinone -. We would have liked to have put on a signal to those who love coffee and more. We often complain that this area offers little, but if we started focusing on quality and research in many other sectors, we would definitely reap the rewards. “

Last weekendso, to prove it to Luino Special coffee even with different extraction methodsperhaps before an excursion to the mountains or as a conclusion to beautiful walks in our area or during a break from big city shopping.

And then? Loris and Michele will continue their project by marketing it with different activities Special coffee at Lago Maggiore, both during sporting events and with private events and at structures that are interested in giving their customers a different experience. In the meantime, however, they are already packing their own Special coffeewhich will be presented shortly.

“We thank everyone who shared this first phase of the project, lived the experience with us, and also questioned their own beliefs and consumption habits, such as the need to put sugar in the cup, which is not always necessary, the farmer’s friends, the roasters and above all a thanks to the company ‘La Marzocco’ who has supported us and always believed in us “, concludes Loris and Michele.

The restaurant is located in via Felice Cavallotti 29 in Luino. For more information, see “TheBlendPost” Instagram page or the website It is also possible to call Michele Marmino on 3381367380 or Loris Buffon on 3336081434.


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