Lavazza at the triennial with Kéré, an anthem to the coffee ritual – Lavazza Group

A coffee tree, a place of protection from the sun and socializing, as a metaphor for the cup ‘ritual’, an opportunity for dialogue and conviviality: this is the installation ‘Under a Coffee Tree’, supported by Lavazza and created by the architect Burchinabé Francis Kéré , exhibited at the Milan Triennial on the occasion of the 23rd International Exhibition. Everything in wood “the work interprets with immediacy and power the social role that the coffee ritual has always played, capable of creating moments of meeting and dialogue between people, as well as inclusion and exchange between different cultures” observes Francesca Lavazza, board member of the homonymous group.

Just as people in West Africa gather in the shade of trees, “public spaces” formed by the path of the sun, so the habit of meeting for a cup of coffee is a daily ritual that is spread all over the world, which benefits the meeting and exchange between cultures. All senses are involved and the viewer is invited to question the unknown, the “Unknown Unknown”, the main theme of the 2022 edition of the international exhibition: an opportunity for visitors to share their thoughts on the major issues they arise from a new perspective on it unknown, ‘what we do not know we do not know’.

Francis Kéré, winner of the Pritzker Prize 2022, the “Nobel Prize for Architecture” awarded for the first time to an African architect, especially from Burkina Faso, has curated two installations of the exhibition dedicated to the voices of the African continent and some installations, starting in places in the common areas of the triennial.

The Lavazza Group renews its institutional partnership with the Milan Triennale in the name of promoting art and culture in the service of a sustainable future: a responsible art that can inspire people and lead them to sustainable behavior, and an art as a place to meet on social issues , environmental and economic sustainability and dialogue between intellectuals to stimulate reflections on the universal values ​​of man and the protection of nature.

Lavazza has been an institutional partner of the Milan Triennale since 2019, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and the Camera, the Italian Center for Photography in Turin, and has collaborated with the Muse, Trento Science Museum since 2021, from the inauguration of the renewed ‘ Sustainability Gallery ‘and’ Goal Zero Area ‘. With the Triennale Milano “one of the largest international cultural institutions – Lavazza explains – we share the value of a positive art that aims to involve people in the path to sustainable change”. A partnership that makes the group “proud”. Among the latest projects of the brand dedicated to sustainable art is also #EmbracingVenice, a scene from the Land Art project around the world “Beyond Walls by Saype”, which was presented in connection with the 59th edition of the Venice Biennale.

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