Let’s find out if coffee can hurt the heart and how much we should drink per day

There are many false myths in the field of health and nutrition. On the one hand, the supporters of coffee as a positive drink, on the other hand, there are those who say that coffee is bad. Who insist and say it hurts the heart and who think the opposite. But these are just the opinions of ordinary people. According to research from the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, the benefits of caffeine may outweigh the risks. Also indicates that there is an amount of coffee to drink per day to stay healthy.

Given that we are talking about a drink that accompanies us throughout our days, it is good to understand the average amount of coffee to drink. Almost everyone drinks at least 2 cups a day. Who doesn’t wake up with a good coffee? Who gives up on a work break? It is even a way of socializing in all contexts. No one would give up super creamy coffee. Here one thing is certain: only those who are competent can say whether this drink is bad or whether it is good for health. For this reason, based on the study, today we see how many coffees we should drink per day to stay healthy and we find out if coffee can hurt the heart.

Benefits and risks

Popular legends have it that coffee is bad for you. The Umberto Veronesi Foundation study shows that there may be a lot to reap health benefits. But not only that, the research specifies that coffee is not an enemy of the heart. Apparently, this warm drink that is loved by everyone offers several positive effects that you can benefit from. This could reduce the risk of suffering from chronic diseases. These also include tumors. The study excludes cases of pregnant and lactating women or people in poor health.

Based on the available evidence from the study conducted, coffee may have an impact on cholesterol levels. In fact, those who drink unfiltered coffee may be among the people that coffee would harm. Moreover, not only unfiltered coffee, but also espresso, instant coffee or mocha coffee. So when it comes to cholesterol, it would be better to limit the consumption of the unfiltered drink.

Let’s find out if coffee can hurt the heart and how much to drink a day to feel good

Going into detail in the research, 4 or 5 “cups” of coffee a day can reduce the risk of bad diseases. So drinking coffee on a daily basis shouldn’t hurt. In fact, this amount does not exceed 400 milligrams of caffeine. The latter number refers to the correct number for healthy adults. The Veronesi Foundation’s analysis specifies that coffee is the heart’s friend, making it clear that caffeine and cardiovascular health have a good relationship.

The survey shows that coffee can increase blood pressure in the short term. On the other hand, if you maintain a regular daily consumption, the body develops a kind of tolerance over time. This therefore leads people who drink more coffee consistently to protect themselves from the development of high blood pressure that coffee itself can cause. When you have high blood pressure or those who are already hypertensive, you can drink this drink because there is chlorogenic acid inside the coffee. This component can reduce the effect on blood pressure.

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