“Let’s go and have a coffee.” Thus the trap of raping the 18-year-old girl

PERUGIA – It’s lunchtime on Monday, Monia called the police and just asked for help. But when the agents arrive, she does not want to be touched by any man. They found it on the ground, next to the road leading from Perugia to nearby Umbertide, in an area known as Pantano with its famous visit.

But Monia (the name is fictitious) is not one of the desperate people who sell their bodies along that road that runs along the fields, in the limbo between the cities where shame is lost. No. Monia is 18 years old, she is dirty, scared and next to her body she has a long knife. She cries and pushes away any male hand to get her up. “They kidnapped and raped me in turn. Locked up in a house with five men. They gave me drugs and made me undress.” His first words are confused, he sums up the memories, he spits them out to exorcise them But the same version will repeat it, equally and consistently, not once but four times, at the police station and in the hospital, where she was hospitalized after the violence, while she will relive the nightmare of a passage of a few kilometers that was kidnapped. and rape and for which she was able to get the police to identify three of the five men who locked her in a home for abusing her.Two, including one accused of sexual assault, have not yet been arrested, but investigators from Perugia’s mobile squad have already his name and know where he started from.
For it was to him that Monia, of Ivorian origin but who came from Castiglion Fiorentino in the province of Arezzo, asked for a ride to Florence from where she would have to take the train to Bergamo. Monia and the boy did not know each other very well, they had only seen each other three times, but she trusted them. She went to pick her up by car in the company of a friend (the other is still unidentified) and they left. But when the girl on the road realized that she was going south and not in the direction of Santa Maria Novella, she asked for an explanation. “Let’s have a coffee in Perugia, eat something and then go to Florence,” replied the boy, presented by mutual friends. But once she pulled the handbrake on the car, there were those who squeezed her wrists and forced her into the house, who locked the door and prevented her from going out. House where – according to his story – there were three other men, busy drinking, smoking and taking drugs. And there began the nightmare. Made from forced-swallowed alcohol, while one held her head and another forced her to whip cocaine by pressing it hard on doses already in strips on the table. Once her will had been completely annihilated, as if it were not enough to be five against one, two led her to the bedroom – summarizes the investigating judge Margherita Amodeo in the ordinance which introduced house arrest and residence obligation for the three alleged identified torturers. -, they undressed her completely, undressed in turn and forced her to have sexual intercourse ».
After the violence, Monia said she had left the room, three of them had left the house and she tried to escape from the balcony, but was stopped by the man who grabbed her by the neck and brought her back into the house. She also tried to take a knife, but was disarmed. She managed to escape only by taking advantage of a moment of distraction from her prison guard, burning a bag of croissants on a stove and waving an even larger knife. After the excited exit, the man who calls the other shows up, threatens her with a shovel but Monia has taken a phone call and has already called the police. Too late. Now the two fled, got in the car and ran away. At least until she saw the mug shots and, between a “bald” and a “fat guy”, she recognized almost everyone. The three arrested (one actually showed up at the police station with the lawyer when they heard the news that they were looking for him), of Albanian origin, between 34 and 25 years old, were the men who were present in the house for the kidnapping: one is the one who closed the door key , the second made her drunk and the third, 32, is said to have committed sexual violence together with the now wanted man. The arrest against them was not confirmed because the escape danger was not detected by the investigating judge: worrying – if the girl’s allegations were confirmed – the justification for the 32-year-old, who is believed to be rooted in Italian territory and lives with his parents and two minor daughters, entrusted to him by the court in Perugia.
Monia’s testimony is confirmed, the investigating judge always remembers, by the results of the hospital visits: both for the injuries to the arm and chest plus the bruises on the side and hand “perfectly consistent with the dynamics of the facts”, and for the specific signs discovered by gynecologists. But the three deny everything, their lawyers are ready to appeal to the trial court to tear down the version of Monia, accused – by focusing on an acquaintance who started a nightclub – of being unreliable.



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