Liceo Classico di Vibo without coffee and snack machines, students miss classes

Protest against the province that has been waiting months for the completion of a tender for refueling. Missing a day of school due to such delays opens up a “debate” in the city

They considered today off skip a day of school the students at Liceo Classico “Michele Morelli” from Vibo Valentia. Reason? Protest against the province of Vibo Valentia who – according to them – has “completely disinterested in delivering to the school” of …new distributors automatic drinks, coffee And snacks.
Ever since then before the start of the academic year we have made a request for one message at Province which is not never came. Despite the many physical interviews and telephone interviews – the students explain – we have not done it never got correct details on the timing of the release of the call and therefore on delivery by distributors in Lyceum.
If the province was aware of bureaucratic timing, we wonder why they did not act in such a way as to ensure service as soon as possible between September and October. Now because of a behavior of lack of interest on the part of the regional body we are forced to stay for months and months without a service of fundamental importance to students, Ata staff and teachers which – the students finish – are then available in all schools“. [Continua in basso]

The lack of a vending machine for coffee, water and snacks is therefore defined by the students at the Liceo Classico in Vibo as a “Service of fundamental importance”, so much so that one abandons classes this morning considering – apparently – don’t walk into the classroom the only form of protest against the disreputable services of the province. The same students then let us know that they were told by two provincial officials that delay in the publication of the announcement it was due to “bureaucratic times”, with an alleged lack of communication between the body’s bureaucratic offices and the bureaucratic structure of the former Enel building.

where the boys’ decision not to enter today in school – in addition to the work in the province of Vibo which could (and should, we add) provide in time with the installation of snack and coffee machines also at the Liceo Classico – has however opened a debate in the city about form of protest and above all about what can really be imagined “Service of fundamental importance” in a school. Moreover, it is the same school – many in the city point out – that last October 16 saw the “pruning” of Lebanon’s secular cedars in the institute’s garden. always from the province without having registered – so far – no stance or protest from the students, nor by the principal. “Without caffeine, it’s hard in the morning” the students signed a nice protest sign that was displayed this morning as justification for not entering the classroom. Other times of course those vending machines didn’t even exist and at the pizzette Liceo, sandwiches and water (but not coffee) they were sold in the range of bars in the area. But also times to go to “Touch” secular trees in the school garden – cultural heritage is protected by law – reducing them to “spelacchio” would have caused roaring reactions from the students. Perhaps the same went on stage today with the desertion of the lessons, but for … the lack of a snack and … coffee machine. Other times of course.

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