Like drinking such good coffee in a bar

D.after water is the most popular drink in the world: almost 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. A truly astonishing number that covers virtually every corner of the planet. Even more surprising is the fact that the country where it is consumed most is Finland, with 12 kg per year per capita. While the one where it is consumed less is Puerto Rico, with 400 grams of coffee for each person.

First in twelfth place in the ranking we find Italy, with 5.9 kg of coffee per capita, after Switzerland, Canada, Denmark and Austria.

When is it best to drink coffee

Although the day for many really begins with a good cup of coffee, to maximize its energizing effects, the best time to drink it may not coincide with waking up. According to science the best time to drink coffee would be from 9:30 to 11:30 in the morning. This is supported by neuroscience and chronopharmacology, a branch of medicine that relates the intake of drugs or psychoactive substances to the trend of our natural biological clock.

Drinking coffee is good for the liver: a study shows the positive effects against liver disease

Some people love it too drink coffee before exercise, to have extra energy available. Not a bad idea, on the contrary. The effects of coffee are felt fairly soon after drinking it. So drinking a cup half an hour before exercise can help with resistance to exertion.

Curiosity about coffee

Do you know why it is called coffee? Around the year 1000, some Arab traders brought with them from their travels to Africa some coffee beans from which they got an exciting drink by boiling and called it qahwa (‘exciting’). Hence to the Turkish word kahve and it was a short step to Italian coffee. But there are also those who claim that the name actually comes from Caffa, a region in Ethiopia where it grows spontaneously.

The coffee spread, however in Europe only in the 17th century with the provisional name of “Arabian wine” and was originally stamped by the church as ‘the devil’s drink’, for its exciting properties.

Fun fact: the composer Johann Sebastian Bach liked coffee so much from dedicate to him a cantata – Kaffeekantate – was built in Leipzig between 1732 and 1735.

How to make good coffee

There are dehards of moka, but by now there are so many who have converted to the more practical, fast and multifunctional coffee machines that in just over a minute prepare it based on ready-made and packaged tubs or ground coffee beans. .

And there really is different types: from those that are specific to those who love American coffee, to those that in addition to this drink can also prepare tea and infusions of various types, pass through those with complementary accessories to get cappuccino with creamy and velvety foam just like the ones at the bar.

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But there are also those who they communicate with modern voice assistants to be set at a distance and to warn when the capsules are running out and those that can be programmed to find a steaming hot coffee at a preset date. In the gallery above you will find the newest and most compact.


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