lots of ideas for proper recycling

If you love coffee in capsules, you will surely have collected mountains of coffee capsules waiting to be thrown away, but why do it when you can reuse them by putting so many recycling ideas with all the accessories?

Coffee Capsules (Pixabay)

The capsules they are so beautiful to look at even after they have been used that it is really a shame to throw them away. So why do it? What if I told you there are so many creative ways to reuse your coffee capsules?

On the other hand, we only have one planet available, which is already bad enough due to our mistakes. It is therefore recycling it is always the best solution to give the objects already in use a new life, which we might not even have thought they could get.

Again, you will be amazed when you see how many things can be created with simple coffee capsules. Let’s go and see these amazing ones together creations.

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Coffee capsules like you’ve never seen before: many recycling ideas

reuse of coffee wrappers
Earrings made with coffee capsules (Pinterest -10elol.it)

Have you ever thought you could do earrings with coffee capsules? If the answer is no, you need to change because the result is truly amazing. Perfect for yourself or as a gift idea for relatives or friends, these earrings can be adorned with pearls and you can make them with the colors you like best.

There are different capsules on the market colors and dimensions. By using different colors, you can add a touch of creativity to your days, perhaps combining these amazing earrings with the clothes you like best.

In addition to earrings, you can also use these capsules to create amazing ones necklace. Just select the capsules and put them together with a gold or silver chain and the result will be phenomenal.

Lamps made with the recycling of coffee capsules: one of many ideas you can adopt

coffee case ideas recycling
Lamp made with coffee capsules (Pinterest – 2mol GmbH)

In addition to accessories for jewelry, you can use your coffee capsules to make amazing ones lamps. For example, look at how the elegant lampshade in the picture can be adapted to your living room. The combination of the capsules allows the light to escape from the openings, creating an effect of light and shadow on the wall.

Obviously, the larger the size of the lamp, the more capsules you will need to get to make it. Once you have achieved the desired amount of capsules and collected the selected colors, wash them thoroughly to eliminate any residual coffee.

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To join the capsules, cut small holes on each capsule, near the outer edge, to create an imaginary cross. Then insert the sample holders into the small holes to join the capsules.

Fake flowers among the ideas for recycling coffee capsules

creative reuse of coffee capsules
Orchid made with coffee capsules (Pinterest – Creathea)

Maybe you have always wanted flowers but never found time to take care of them? Or if your thumb can be any color except green, then you can remedy and fulfill your desire at the same time by creating some amazing flowers with coffee capsules.

Those in the pictures are gods orchids but with the colors you prefer, you can think of the flowers you like best. It’s a really original idea to give a touch of creativity to your home.

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These are just some of the many ideas that you can use to reuse your coffee capsules. For example, you can also use them to create happy owls or candlesticks or even garlands. All ideas that are put into practice can give life to amazing gifts to give to the people you love. For a gift made with your own hands is really worth much more than one purchased.

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