Many people are wrong to throw away their coffee grounds because they could be reused not only for bad odors but also for much more

Any time of the day is the perfect time to have a good cup of coffee. Whether in the classic suede machine, in capsules or capsules, the coffee grounds always remain to be thrown away after use, and disposed of properly as waste.

But many people are wrong, because instead of throwing away all that seemingly useless coffee grounds, they can be used for many things. For example, perfume rooms, eliminate bad odors, dye fabrics, prepare scrubs and much more.

Few imagine how many things can be done by recycling the bottom of this regular drink

All you have to do is recycle the sump left in the mocha pot, tubs or capsules each time you prepare the coffee, empty them and use them immediately or store them. The first is very simple and later we will see how many things can still be done. The second, canning, plans to dry the coffee in the sun or by taking advantage of the heat in the oven at low temperature for about 10 minutes.

Obviously, if the coffee grounds are intended for plant fertilizers, you do not need all this care, so they can be used immediately. On the other hand, for other uses, it is preferable that they be dry to avoid mold formation.

One of the brightest ideas is without a doubt the scent room. Especially when cooking, coffee is an excellent remedy for bad smells. But even in the refrigerator it often happens that there is an unpleasant odor that can be caught by a small bowl of coffee powder.

The same goes for the closets and maybe even the bathroom. You can put the coffee grounds in a small bag and use it as an odor trap.

Even when you clean the fish or cut the onion, you always have that stench in your hands afterwards that does not go away even after you have washed them several times. By rubbing the coffee grounds, you can do a little hand scrubbing and also eliminate all bad smells.

Many people are wrong to throw away their coffee grounds because they could be reused not only for bad odors but also for much more

One of the grandmother’s means of getting rid of the smell of eggs in the counter is to rub the coffee grounds with a little vinegar. A solution that is still very useful today as detergents are often not enough.

And using them to dye fabrics is really amazing. A bit like making an old parchment, soaking the sheet of paper with water and coffee, you can do the same with fabrics. In this case, the fabric must be non-synthetic otherwise the color will not attack.

You can continue by taking a little coffee grounds and to each liter of water pour a spoonful of salt to fix the color. The more coffee grounds there are, the more color will be charged. Put everything on the stove and as soon as the water boils, lower the garment and let the color be absorbed by the fabric for about an hour.

But few have ever believed that dry coffee grounds can be reused as an insecticide. If you put a small amount in a vase and light it with a match, you can drive away the insects without using the classic coils or various repellents.

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