Mastella between votes and superstition: “They give us 9%, Letta with me you win but you only veto. Di Battista? Coffee in Siberia”

Wand but not too much the democratic party because it is conscious of not being able to pull the rope too much. Invest in superstition (“The last time the center-left won in Italy was 2006 and I was there”), on the polls that give his “We from Centro” potentially 9% (in Campania) and on the history of Campania and the Sicilian Christian Democratic family that “after De Mita’s departure from the scene“Sees him as the last heir. Clemente Mastellamayor of Benevento and former Minister of Justice, presented today in Naples the new symbol of the “Noi di Centro” ahead of the next political elections scheduled for September 25.

Mastella woos secretary Dem Enrico Letta although he then dares: “No handouts. Nobody called me, if they call me, I listen to everyone, but I don’t go and beg anyone for anything. We are also willing to go alone “because” I have already won in my city, Benevento, against a left and right line, on July 28 there are provincial elections and my candidate wins over the center right and center left, and I would say – here is the superstition again – that there are not two but three, we will also win in some one-man colleges “. To return to the center-left’s last victory in 2006 politics, “for some bad luck to avoid i recommend to make alliance with us. Those who don’t are their own shit“.

According to Noto polls in Campania, Mastella and his Noi di Centro have a voting potential of 9%. But the mayor of Benevento does not stop there because “in Puglia And Molise we have 5% and in Basilicata 4 percent”. Then, always surveys in hand, which at this point dictate the agenda of the political parties, Mastella presses: “The relationship between the centre-right and the centre-left is interesting. In Campania there is currently a slight advantage with the centre-left coalition, a difference on three points. They are almost equal in Puglia, we have 41 against 40 – continues the mayor of Benevento -, in Basilicata a small advantage left the center 42 against 38 and in Molise even. These are regions where the coalitions’ election means the election of candidates for the Senate “.

From surveys to recommendations for Alessandro Di Battista and the impossibility of synergy with the party of With you And Cricket: “The alliance with M5S would be unnatural, it would be a disaster even if arithmetically they are still worth something. Do you then see Di Battista allied with me? Furthermore, I advise him to stay Siberiahere it is very hot there you are cool, instead of returning to Italy if you stay in Siberia – he says – if they offer me a coffee in Vladivostok I will gladly go there, I will bring Neapolitan coffee and I will give it to them “.

The only alliance Mastella is ready to do it with the Democratic Party Enrico Letta but includes all mini parties of the center: “It must be serious and a serious alliance assumes that there are no vetoes to try to win otherwise it is useless to participate in the race, the center-right wins easily. If Letta does not remove the vetoes that exist against the others, it is better not to go to the vote, the center right wins easily”. Then it removes the fear of certain defeat if the Democrats open up the wide field: “They have an obsession with Meloni that I don’twe have to present ourselves with a serious program that is not only the Draghi agenda but that looks at inequalities in the south in particular, for families that have a hard time even with children with disabilities”, he emphasizes.

As a former Mastella, he comments on the behavior of Forza Italia: “It was written in the stars, then there is a desire to Berlusconi to return, he wants to be president of the Senate“. In an interview with Corriere, he then advised Giorgia Meloni: “Giorgia, don’t be fooled, it won’t happen: Salvini and Berlusconi will fool you anyway“.

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