Melitea and Caffè Borbone, united in a philosophy of sustainable development

Shares a philosophy of sustainable development, this is the starting point for cooperation between Meliteaa company that specializes in the design and construction of exhibition spaces, e.g. Bourbon coffeea company active in coffee roasting, production and marketing, and spokesman for the Neapolitan espresso tradition.

CoffeExperts by Andrea and Marco Bazzara

An agreement born in 2020 by Caffè Borbone and which led the two companies to collaborate for the most important trade fairs such as Cibus and Host. Also this year due to Venditalia, Melitea and Caffè Borbone propose a concept that unites refined and functional design with attention to detail and quality of materials.

Recycling and reuse are the key words, in fact the furniture, as well as the display materials created to measure for Caffè Borbone, have the advantage of being reused. The tailor-made graphics have also been adapted to the space at various trade fairs. A 360-degree attention to limit the environmental impact as much as possible, based on how the stand was illuminated, ie with LED lights to consume less electricity and reduce waste. In addition, the preference for biodegradable accessories on the stand: glasses, cutlery and plates that are completely environmentally friendly with minimal environmental impact. Transport and logistics are no exception: to minimize emissions, the material is best organized to group the stand in a single pivot. In this context, Caffè Borbone’s philosophy fits perfectly, a company that has always focused on quality raw materials selected with responsibility, use of technology and special attention to the recyclability of increasingly innovative packaging.

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Everything agrees functionality, efficiency and design who use technology and communicate in an innovative way. The concept reflects the values ​​of the Borbone brand, maintains a continuity in the company’s image in the design of the stand and expresses the products on the market in a consistent manner.
The end result is an interactive and elegant space that evokes the coffee world in a completely new vision.

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