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The inauguration of special coffee roasting Cafezal Coffee Hub, in Viale Premuda in Milan, falls during the 3 days of the world of coffee. The event about the coffee world actually returns from June 23 to 25, after the break due to the pandemic.

The term Cafezal in Portuguese it means “coffee plantation”, but in Milan, and for specialty coffee enthusiasts, it is the name of this micro roasting company, born in 2017 in via Solferino. To which this new Coffee Hub is added today.

The founder Carlos Bitencourt, an Italian-Brazilian engineer, describes Cafezal as a specialty roastery that also has its own café, and offers both breakfast and lunch.

cafezal premuda specialty milano exterior

On the 500 square meters in the new Cafezal Coffee Hub in Milan, specialty coffee is selected, roasted and sold. But above all, it is known: specialties are often perceived as a high-quality but difficult niche product. It is a product that has not yet been discovered. For this reason, there will be weekly courses on the coffee world, from basic for beginners to highly professional for baristas and restaurateurs.

“I have always believed,” explains Bitencourt, “that it is important to bring the end consumer closer to the producer. That is why we will arrange meetings with the major specialty coffee growers in the world at Cafezal in Viale Premuda. In addition, our customer will be able to have complete traceability. on what he buys, from the time the coffee bag leaves the original plantation until now “.

cafezal premuda specialty milano coffee

At Cafezal in viale Premuda in Milan, you can drink a high-quality espresso or enjoy a dish from the menu created by chef Eugenio Roncoroni. The large spaces also allow you to work in coworking or rent a lounge for a meeting.

Cafezal and specialty coffee in Milan

cafezal premuda specialty milan espresso extraction

The specialty is coffee of the highest quality Arabica family, which represents about 8% of the world’s coffee production.

Cafezal in Milan selects and roasts the best green coffee beans by hand to provide its customers with the best specialty coffee. Each package of “Cafezal” coffee is the result of a rigorous selection of plantation coffee and based on a sustainable agricultural process.

cafezal coffee beans

The Cafezal team uses grain from crops from some of the finest farms structured according to a family work method.

cafezal premuda specialitet milano kafferosteri

Cereals are roasted by hand in Italy: it is a sartorial roasting, it tailor-made little coffee. In the two rooms there is a roaster. In this way, Cafezal in Milan represents the essence of specialty coffee, which enhances the natural properties and aromas of each bean.

Roasting of specialty coffee is an important part of Cafezal’s operations in Milan. On the one hand, roasting of 10 quality beans with an origin, which comes from a single country, from the same producer and often from the same plantation. On the other hand, the manufacture of recycled and 100% compostable wooden capsules for Nespresso machines.

All menu and prices for Cafezal Specialty Coffee Hub in Milan

cafezal specialty caffe brioche breakfast milano

Let’s start trying Cafezal’s breakfast in Milan, with a specialty coffee straight from Brazil. Good: I still have to get used to drinking coffee without sugar, milk, cream, but I liked it. The brioche is not bad either.

cafezal breakfast menu

The breakfast and snack menu offers sweet and savory products, with excursions to pita bread, toast and poached eggs.

cafezal menu specialty caffe milano

The menu page dedicated to coffee is remarkable: especially considering that the different specifications of the coffee served will be explained to you orally …

Eugenio Roncoroni’s hand can be seen in the lunch break menu at Cafezal Milano; it remains to inform about any accompanying specialty coffee. However, there is a drink menu.

Finally the aperitif menu. No dinner, but lots of snacks.

The Cafezal project

veronica belchior

Cafezal in Milan is a start-up with an important growth strategy, the flagship of an ambitious and comprehensive expansion project in the specialty sector. The main idea is a “modern cafeteria” and a high-quality proposal for the product and the environment.

In addition to the traditional aspects of the quality café, such as attention and care in the preparations, there are also more “pop” aspects. Like the screen at the bar, the customer lets you see – almost like in a video game – the water’s temperature and pressure values ​​when he prepares his espresso. Or the basic tasting course for 15 €, the coffee with double extraction for 3 € or the bag with special coffee for 10-15 €.

Finally, the renewed interest in the coffee world, which began with the Report Broadcasts, should be emphasized. Also noteworthy is the launch of the first paper guide to coffee and coffee roasts in Italy.

Cafezal Coffee Hub. Viale Premuda, 14. Milano.

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