Mignon Libra, the coffee grinder of Eureka 1920 and Conti Valerio Srl

D.to Eureka 1920 And Conti Valerio Srl here is grinder Mignon Libra. The new model was previewed in the latest issue of “World of coffee“, Returned to Milan after 3 years, with excellent results in terms of turnout and audience. Over 11,000 participants during the event’s three days, attracted by the industry competitions but also by the over 80 international toasters present in Roaster Village, with the Eureka protagonist as the official sponsor of the area’s equipment.

Mignon Libra

Mignon Libra potential

A fantastic environment for the new Mignon Libra and its new “Instant Grind Weighing Technology“, Which this year enters the Eureka offering through a compact product that can also have groundbreaking performance. Specially designed to optimize the use of valuable raw materials such as Special coffeethe Mignon Libra allows you to set the weight of the dose of ground coffee to be obtained, instead of the traditional grinding time. A paradigm shift that meets the needs of reduce grinding time and waste of raw materialswhile offering greater ease of use it is a very high precisionwhich guarantees even higher performance than much more expensive products currently on the market.

Algida Dolce Vita

The idea behind Mignon Libra: “Combining simplicity and professionalism”

“We wanted to combine the professional performance of a coffee grinder with simplicity and that speed of a very intuitive dispensing system – explaining Maurizio Fiorani, CEO of Eureka the new internal weighing system is extremely versatile, both for the needs of professional operators and for household use and we anticipate important volumes for this product that are the result of a long research and development work. L ‘increase the cost of coffeeespecially during this period, it requires equipment that can minimize waste and the new Mignon Libra it is part of a market trend that is seeing an increasing demand for high quality coffee and off Equipment which goes to capture a growing demand in the premium segment with a dual target category, both in cafes that offer a wide range of high-quality and fine coffees, and at home. Even in the domestic sector, the proportion of enthusiasts has increased significantly in the constant search for high-performance products, which can guarantee excellent quality in the cup for each type of coffee and at the same time easy to use ».

Mignon Libra, the coffee grinder of Eureka 1920 and Conti Valerio Srl

The technical advantages of Mignon Libra

Mignon Libra is equipped with a weighing system “Instant Grind Weighing Technology“And equipped with a touch screen that lets you set the exact amount of grinding for both single and double doses. The weight grinding can also be set via the display in continuous mode, again without wasting coffee.

Accuracy of weight measurement (between 0.1 and 0.3 grams) it is an essential feature that makes the product excellent even in comparison to larger and much more expensive products. As well as the stability of performance, at the top of the sector, even when the set grinding varies.

High performance in terms of silence, speed and zero waste. The machine can weigh the ground coffee in the filter holder in real time during grinding and the hands-free metal fork, extremely fast to adjust manually without the need for any tools, allows the use of weighing technology with all types of filter holders.

The staff of Eureka 1920 at the fair in Milan Mignon Libra, the coffee grinder from Eureka 1920 and Conti Valerio Srl

Eureka 1920 staff at the Milan trade fair

The flat millstones 55 millimeters allows high productivity (1.4 – 1.8 g / s for espresso), while the continuous micrometric adjustment system (patented) guarantees the setting precision.

Adjustment knob Extra comfort provides greater convenience in use and the system Anti-lumps & electrostaticity guarantees a high dose consistency and a working area that is always clean. where Silent technology reduces the sound impact to about 64 dB and Mignon Libra is comfortable even with extra large doses (> 16 grams), thanks to the dedicated dosing funnel created specifically by the company and available as an option to make it even easier the daily act of grinding coffee is convenient.


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