Modena. Comune-Caffè concert, endless quarrel And the new terrace must be removed

MODERA In theory, the summer will bring several innovations: a new and more modern piece of furniture, a new culinary proposal that goes from pastries to dinners in collaboration with Franceschetta, and of course the summer’s breadth to enjoy the view of Ghirlandina. In theory, precisely because in reality there are many knots to solve. At the center is Caffè Concerto, the most prominent bar in the heart of Modena, and a relationship with the municipality, the owners of the walls, which after the big battles that characterized previous management also seem to have cracked with Rrem, company-based in Chieti that won the 2018 contract.

Based on the latest developments, Rrem has in recent days received a double fine with a request to remove the newly established summer expanse, in order to make full use of it at Motor Valley Fest which is planned for next weekend: “According to ‘administration we lack authorization for the external platform – explains Gustavo Criscuolo, CEO of Rrem – but the indications published on the municipality’s website speak of automatic extensions until June 30. “In any case, to solve the problem immediately, the company presented a new question:” At this point – Criscuolo continues – I need to know if I still have to dismantle everything and then reassemble the terrace, but I’m still waiting for an answer. ” for the plants:

“We won the tender on the basis of a project that involves a restructuring – the CEO explains to Rrem – but to put it into practice, we have to wait for the work to separate the electricity systems between City Hall and the local. Well, after four years of waiting, a few days ago we received a handwritten sheet from the environmental sector with an overview of the work that would lead to an ad hoc line of 150 kilowatts for Caffè Concerto ». A communication that to the managers seems like a mockery, while the request is that «an exact and detailed timetable for the work, because the implementation of our project, for which we will invest 483 thousand euros, depends on these works. On June 20, we have a meeting with the interior designers, but to confirm that we need certain dates and information about the new systems ». Answers that at the moment have not yet come from the Municipality: «Despite the difficulties during these two years – concludes Criscuolo – our will is to invest in Caffè Concerto, but we are beginning to believe that the Municipality wants to send us away».


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