Moka, do you ever wash it? Serious mistake, follow the steps for a perfect coffee

Moka: Are you not washing it? This can be a very serious mistake. Discover all the secrets of a perfect coffee

Moka, making coffee (Photo by Matěj Oliva from Pixabay)


Practice som we implement daily at home, they can vary from country to country and surely each area, and each house, has its own habits. This happens for many things, a example very clearly represented by wash of suede. In popular tradition near Neapolitan, for example, it seems that moka absolutely should not be wash. So much so that there are many people who recycling suede over and over again without ever washing it. This represents one mistake which certainly affects utg inevitably on the taste of our coffee. Let’s find out immediately why.

Moka: the secrets to washing and having an excellent coffee

the secrets of an excellent coffee
Moka and coffee beans (Photo by Rosalia Ricotta from Pixabay)

Suede also has requires to be washed, it really seems to be a passage basic to prevent the coffee from getting an aftertaste that tastes good burned. Obviously, always use the same moka, but never do a wash is the risk it is for enjoy a roasted coffee. We all know it’s not very good! So suede goes washand in this article we will explain how to wash in a way simpleefficiently and quickly.

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Each use the suede should be washed with water currentyou can use a sponge to remove everything remains coffee from each piece that composes our moka. What you should not use is detergent for the disk. This product is not recommended as it is a very detergent highbecause we well know that the purpose of its use is to degrease even more porcelain covered.

Suede, have not requires to be degreased in this way, therefore it is enough the water. Also because we could use cleaning products to risk that this affects the taste of coffee, modifies it, does not enter way positive. A couple of times a month you can do another cleaning thorough uses baking powder.

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It’s about prepare suede as if we wanted to make coffee, replacing simply to the coffee bicarbonate. Then it is necessary repeat operation only with water. This way, your suede will always be clean and the taste of coffee will always be perfect flawless. See is to believe!

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