MONDOVI ‘/ “Erasmus nights” full of music at the Caffè Sociale at the train station

KIL CHRONICLE – In Mondovì, in the province of Cuneo, it’s time for Erasmus evenings: two evenings of music with artists from all over the world, who will play at the railway station’s “Caffe sociale”. This weekend, the bands, together with two other groups, will perform in the city thanks to the Erasmus+ project “Europe Convergence” which brought about forty young people from France, Portugal and Italy to Mondovì.

It starts on Friday evening (August 26), from 20:00 onwards, in piazza Franco Centro (the square in front of the station) with the concert of “West End”, an Italian group from Borgo Val di Taro (Parma). Follows the young Portuguese band “Deep Way”. Both participants in the Erasmus project then become the introduction to the very nice “Supercumbia”, an Argentinian group that travels around the world and spreads the irresistible Latin rhythm.

The following evening (Saturday 27 August) is the second part of music and socializing in collaboration with the Europe Convergence project. Two single artists will play, the mighty Gaia Mobilij and the “kind” French rapper Coach Raoul. Appointments, again from 8 pm, this time inside the Social Cafe.

Friday August 26, from 20:00, outside Caffè Sociale (Mondovì)
The western part. Born in 2015 in Borgo Val di Taro (Parma), the West End project gathers lovers of wide music: from the alternative scene to fans of 60s rock and contemporary pop. Veronica Costa (vocals), Alfredo Biacchi (bass) and Matteo Angella (keyboards) will take the stage.
Deep Way. They are a Portuguese alternative rock and pop rock band consisting of the young 20-year-olds Carolina Mourato (vocals and electric guitar), Mariana Santos (keyboards and synthesizer), António Santos (electric bass) and Bruno Santos (drums). They have been around since 2012. In 2017 they released their first EP of Portuguese originals “Antes de Apagar” consisting of 5 songs, including “Novo Dia” and “Nada Mais”.
Super Cumbia y la Liga de la Alegría. They are a group of “economic” heroes from the planet Cumbión. They came to Earth to protect us from pain with their Cumbia power. Through dance, humor and colorful choruses, they revitalize our whole body to make us move without shame because “life is made for something else…”. In its mission to make the inhabitants of this planet more happy and aware, Super Cumbia y la Liga de la Alegria dedicates 100% of its time to travel to all continents and plant the energy of “Cumbia del Monte”, a rhythm to be able to exorcize immediately bad habits.
Saturday 27 August, from 20.00, inside Caffè Sociale (Mondovì)
Gaia Furniture was born in Pescara, Italy. Passionate about ethnic music, she has devoted herself to the study of music and instruments from various parts of the Mediterranean, including the Calabrian lyre and the Cretan lyre. Through frequent tours and travels around the world, he explores the music of various traditions, including Eastern European Gypsy, Southern Italian tradition, and Colombian and South American music. Her songs and instrumental pieces are a synthesis of all her human and musical experiences: in the new show, Gaia Mobilji manages to mix sounds from all over the world, alternating accordion and piano, conquering the audience through the happy combination of a deep formation and driving passion for popular music. She defines herself as a “singer of freshness and joy”. And in fact, it is easy for the listener to enter a dimension that approaches a vision of folk life, “where everything is possible”.
Coach Raoul. Little Raoul had only one wish: to become a coach. Male rap and brittle voice, “Coach” will make you dance, laugh and sing. Gone are the stereotypes of naked women, wads of cash and loaded guns. This is simply a matter of gentle philosophy, simplicity and honesty. Between traps and love songs, it’s easy to find happiness in his repertoire.

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