“Murder is one thing, robbery is one thing”

Words of defense in the trial of the four young people from Foggia – Antonio Bernardo, Cristian Consalvo, Antonio Pio Tufo and Simone Pio Amorico – accused of the bloody robbery at the bar ‘Gocce di Caffè’ in Foggia at the end of kl. as the owner Francesco Traiano.

This morning, in the Court of Assizes, before President Mario Talani, the responses of the defenders to three suspects (the fourth, due to an obstacle, will be discussed at the beginning of the next hearing), the long indictment against the Public Prosecutor (pm Rosa Pensa ), who had requested punishment for a total of 96 years in prison (here the details of the request). Speaking were, in turn, lawyers Carlo Alberto Mari, Paolo D’Ambrosio and the homonymous Carlo Mari in defense of Simone Pio Amorico, Cristian Consalvo and Antonio Bernardo.

The interventions, all very technical and on legal grounds, aimed to point out some sections of the story, in order to reconsider certain evidence – telephone cells, wiretapping and images extrapolated from video surveillance cameras – now with regard to the responsibility of the individual (this is the case with Amorico, whose position is more marginal), now with regard to the group’s actions. Especially for lawyers D’Ambrosio and Mari, the required penalty should be considered “Disproportionate”, according to the term used by both.

“Murder is one thing, robbery is one thing”specifies Consalvo’s lawyer. “And any recognition of the anomalous competition is already a largely derogatory hypothesis”points out the defender who insists on the possibility of getting a penalty reduction. “This disproportion cannot be justified in the light of the ‘significant violence’ of the robbery.adds my colleague Mari. “The two crimes must be kept separate (for the robbery the full competition is contested, for the murder the abnormal competition), Therefore, we can not transfer the violence used in the murder to the robbery “, he points out. We remember that the youngest in the group – 17 years old at the time – was already sentenced to 16 years in prison, at the end of the trial with an abbreviated rite that was celebrated at the juvenile court in Bari (details here). Place now for the last answer, after which the judgment will come.


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