Nerviano talks about the future in front of a café among new schools via Roma, general practitioners and associations

Have a coffee with the mayor one evening to talk about Nerviano’s future. Daniela Colombo, the first citizen of the country in seven months, has chosen a cup of coffee and a cake in the convent of the former Olivetani convent to meet “their” citizens, answer their questions and take stock of the situation with regard to the strategic goals that the municipal administration set between now and 2026.

Starting from participation in the ELoGE project for good democratic governance to get to the problem of“Bleeding” by GPsa disease that is now endemic throughout our territory that Piazza Manzoni wants to try to stop by making the country attractive to young doctors: “We have no influence to force doctors to settle in the area because general medicine is governed by supra-municipal bodies working for areas – stressed the first citizen -: to get new doctors in the country what we can do is make it attractive and already between the end of this year and the beginning of next we will begin create a structure that can welcome them to reduce the risk of loss “.

Nerviano's strategic goals 2022-2026

Consistent youth policy that can offer not only “captivating” activities like the Big Bang Music Fest but also “Start pedagogical processes in the school environment”forenergy efficiency and that redevelopment of the territory also by participating in tenders to “seek alternative sources of financing for local taxation” – such as those for which the municipality has already “applied” for the dam park and the one for the installation of electric pillars -, e.g. connection of cycle paths in the area which already in 2022 will see the first projects start, for restyling of the city center to encourage the local economy and fortechnical innovation “not an end in itself but as a tool, for example with a new institutional site for the municipality to enable easy access to information and services “. strengthening collaboration with cultural associationswith regard to which the collaboration with the third age university has resumed with conferences and soon also courses and meetings with the authors, pop music and classical music concerts, theater performances and in general “a basket that can satisfy all tastes”.

It probably will be new school campus in via Roma, however, the key project in the mandate of the current majority at the helm of the country: we are talking about a whole complex consisting of primary school, high school and two gyms that will be demolished and rebuilt in one key more in step with the times. “This school in Nerviano serves: it is a project that we focus on a lot, very ambitious, and we are looking for all sources of funding that will allow us to mitigate the financial consequences. The children who leave the city complexes after primary school are about 25%, they move away from Nerviano because the schools are excluded. We are losing a group of young people who do not play sports in Nerviano, do not relate to Nerviano, they are leaving our territory: It is important to have a suitable structure to welcome themand we must ensure that they study in appropriate environments ».

Nerviano's strategic goals 2022-2026

The opposition did not like the decision to meet the citizens over coffee and sweets: “Of course I would like to refrain from good coffee and sweets – commented the former mayor on social media about the invitation to attend the evening – we will not fail to discuss and leave our contribution, as always done, when these proposals are implemented in the council committees and in the City Council we have no intention of appearing on the stage of self-celebration and propaganda. We are happy to leave the stage to others ».

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