Nespresso relies on chefs Andrea Berton, Viviana Varese and Tommaso Arrigoni to launch the World Exploration series

A new journey around the world together and Nespresso and three star chefs with their personal interpretations, thanks to the range of coffee that draws inspiration from the coffee culture in different corners of the world, “World Exploration”. So far, the range consists only of long coffees (Tokyo Vivalto, Stockholm Fortissio, Wien Linizio, Buenos Aires and Cape Town Envivo), and this time the range is enriched with a selection of espresso, created to continue to tell the world’s cities through their respective habits of consuming coffee. This is how, while sipping on them, you can find yourself thrown into one of the many typical Parisian cafes or into an alley in Istanbul between colors and scents from the east with a Turkish coffee in your hands, or even in colorful Rio, the capital of the world’s first coffee producer, or finally sharing a black coffee with a pinch of brown sugar, immersed in Miami’s Latin American sounds.

Paris, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro and Miami has been selected by Nespresso to bring to life the range of espresso coffee in the World Exploration range, based on the bond that each of these cities has with the iconic drink. Each of the cafes was then created with the aim of reviving the customers who will taste it, the feeling of drinking a coffee that refers to the city’s sounds, colors and scents, but to sit comfortably at home and perhaps get inspiration to decide the destination for the next trip.

For each of the three permanent cafes in World Exploration, three star chefs they devised and interpreted a dish, based on the emotions that each of the three coffees evoked in them and from the memories that the cities they were inspired to recall to their minds. Three excellent recipes, perfectly balanced with the aromatic tones of the three coffees, are also available as ingredients in the dish.


World Exploration Paris Espresso

With its rich culture of cafes where you can stop for a chat over a good coffee, Paris Espresso transports drinkers to Parisian terraces with its balanced blend of clearly toasted Latin American Arabica enhanced by a Vietnamese Robusta. Mildly bitter with hints of grain and citrus, the Paris Espresso is perfect for referring to the experience of the typical Parisian café.


Quail, currant sauce, red wine glazed shallots and World Exploration Nespresso Paris coffee

Chef Andrea Berton has chosen to use quail for his recipe, a meat that reminds him of the period when he worked in France and used this ingredient a lot. “Roasted meat, in the caramelization process, acquires a taste found in the aroma of this coffee, as does citrus or cereals. The combination of currants, on the other hand, reminds and balances the bitter but light part of this coffee.”

World Exploration Istanbul Express

This intense blend takes back to traditional Turkish cafes and bursts with bold hints of ripe berries and a delicate touch of almonds. Like traditional Turkish coffee, Ethiopian Arabica and Indian Robusta provide a dense, velvety style to celebrate the city that was once the crossroads of ancient coffee trade routes.


Chickpea hummus with Ispica sesame tahini Slow Food Presidium and World Exploration Istanbul Espresso coffee

A completely vegetable choice for chef Viviana Varese who has extracted from the Middle East and Persian culinary cultures, where Istanbul plays the role of a bridge between Asia and Europe. Likewise, the chickpea cream Ispica meets sesamtahini, which represents the south and now the Chef’s second home. “I chose to use Istanbul coffee in the form of a reduction because its non-pungent bitterness matches perfectly with notes of spices, turmeric and almonds. The dish is accompanied by a crunchy almond and is suggested as a vegan and gluten-free aperitif that suits everyone. Aperitif is an important moment for me because it is typical to share and welcome.

World Explorations Rio de Janeiro Express

Rio de Janeiro Espresso embodies the spirit of this vibrant and colorful city and reflects the country’s deep – rooted coffee and beverage heritage. An intense, exotic and velvety espresso with an origin, made exclusively from Brazilian Arabica, characterized by a unique element of sandalwood, together with hints of aromatic herbs.


Pork, mango with black pepper from Brazil, fennel and cream of coffee World Exploration Rio de Janeiro Espresso

Chef Tommaso Arrigoni started from this coffee with a fantastic body, characterized by bitter and roasted tones to give life to a dish with roasted pork that refers to the typical churrasco. Served with mango (fruit from South America that tends to get sour) cold marinated with pepper that gives a spicy tone that is reminiscent of hints of coffee. I then chose to complement the dish with fennel to contrast the bitter part and give roundness to the whole and to garnish it with the coffee cream which is the most disappearing and least aggressive part ”.

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