Nespresso’s Reviving Origins program supports coffee farming in Puerto Rico

Nespresso launches “Cafecito de Puerto Rico” in Italy, its first Puerto Rican coffee from the unique Reviving Origins program, which aims to restore coffee production in the regions where it is threatened and which in Italy will enrich the Vertuo Line range. After Colombia, Zimbabwe, Uganda

and Congo, with Reviving Origins, the program born in 2019 to bring back coffee cultivation to regions affected by adversity such as conflicts, economic difficulties and environmental disasters, this year Nespresso supports Puerto Rico, where coffee is a fundamental part of the culture and of the country’s heritage in generations, as well as a means of vital nutrition for the island’s communities and economy. Through the Reviving Origins program, Nespresso is helping coffee farmers and growers in Puerto Rico – which was hit five years ago by hurricanes Maria and Irma, which destroyed more than 80% of the island’s coffee trees – to rebuild their farms. and to recover from the devastation of hurricanes. The support that Nespresso gave to Puerto Rico started in 2018, when the company started a collaboration with the Hispanic Federation and the global non-profit organization TechnoServe. Through this partnership, Nespresso has distributed new coffee plants to local farmers and growers to replace those destroyed by hurricanes Irma and Maria and trained communities in Puerto Rico in sustainable coffee growing practices and business skills, with the aim of helping them. to improve the quality and yield of their coffee, increase their income and help give new momentum to the coffee industry, while encouraging the local community’s economy thanks to an investment of 1 million Swiss francs. In Puerto Rico, Nespresso currently collaborates with over 400 farms, with the goal of supporting 1,500 by 2022. “With Reviving Origins, we are committed to developing long-term partnerships with growers, growers, communities and local authorities. , with the goal of rebuilding sustainable livelihoods for the communities of the countries involved, while preserving the future of some of the rarest and most prized varieties of coffee in the world and where we have so far invested 10 million Swiss francs starting in 2019 and over a period of 5 years,” explains Nespresso Italiana. A concrete example of how coffee can be a force that can really create a positive impact on communities, the environment and the climate, from cultivation to the result in the cup, Reviving Origins has given life in a few years to some of the best coffee varieties from around the world and takes care about the people who passionately contribute to creating them every day The initiative is part of the wider Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ program , the company’s sustainable procurement model launched in 2003 in partnership with the non-governmental organization Rainforest Alliance to contribute concretely to the social, economic and environmental well-being of coffee communities, involving over 140,000 farmers in 18 countries around the world.


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