New Summer Limited Edition by Caffitaly

Tuesday, June 14, 2022 – 13:10

New Summer Limited Edition by Caffitaly

Espresso with raspberry flavor

Rome on June 14 – Healthy, juicy, with an unmistakable light red color, raspberries are without a doubt one of the summer’s most beloved fruits, delicious on their own and even more delicious when used to prepare sweet recipes. To this icon of the beautiful season, Caffitaly dedicates its limited Summer Edition: Espresso Lampone.

A combination as unusual as it is surprising, in this limited edition of flavored coffee, the first 2022, the intense aroma of coffee meets the fresh and enveloping taste of raspberries: a unique and unforgettable taste (and aroma), the result of intensive research & development activities of Caffitaly experts who by studying combinations and contrasts have found the perfect balance between bitter and sweet to restore an authentic taste, which can make the coffee break a special moment of pure pleasure.

Even during the hottest summer days. Raspberry Espresso is actually excellent both hot and shaken cold, even better with the addition of a little brown sugar that makes the raspberry dessert explode. And it is also definitely worth trying in the kitchen, to give a twist to the classic summer recipes, such as tiramisu. Espresso Lampone is thus a simple but versatile flavored coffee, capable of giving a sprint of flavor to different moments of the day.

“We like to liven up our offering with constantly new products, such as seasonal flavored coffee, which can capture the trends and fashions of the moment. And the strong appreciation so far suggests that we are on the right track: Espresso Panettone, limited edition for the 2021 holidays, was a great success and we are convinced that Espresso Lampone will also be able to take a leading role in Italian coffee breaks – explains Marta Colombo , Caffitaly Marketing Director. Behind its development is a study of the market and careful listening to consumers, who are increasingly looking for fresh, natural products, as well as weeks of research and development to find the perfect ingredients and recipe to put a taste experience in the cup. tried before “.

In fact, Caffitaly has always put innovation and technology at the service of the consumer experience, which guarantees a very high level of quality in its entire range of coffee and other hot beverages. A large and varied range, and in continuous growth: in addition to offering three seasonal flavored coffees a year, Caffitaly has recently launched a new series of functional coffee, with exclusive recipes that contribute to the balance between body and soul, and continues to create partnerships with high-profile producers (like Chicco d’Oro, Caffè Cagliari and Kimbo for coffee and with Foodness, Ricola and Twinings for other drinks). Without forgetting the focus on sustainability: all capsules are recyclable and this year the first fully compostable capsules are expected to be launched.


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