Nicola Convertino interprets Leopardi’s world by frescoing Caffè Piazza Leopardi

RECANATI – An entire room completely hand-painted: from the tables to the chairs to the installations to the paintings on the walls

Recanati, Giacomo Leopardi’s homeland, lives in the great poet’s constant memory and not a day goes by without the city but also the whole world does not remember his poems, his loves and even his changes.

Caffè Piazza Leopardi, located on the city’s main square, wanted to pay tribute to the poet by letting the converts interpret his life and love image, which decoded everything in a personal but also objective interpretive key.

Leopardi for Convertino was a pure soul, lively and sometimes isolated from the social context, a spiritual and material conscience that tended towards the absolute.

He painted it on the tables and on the walls of Caffè Piazza Leopardi in a dreamlike way, that is, he directed his soul outwards also on a physical level, it follows both a portrait similar to those from his historical period but also a completely new portrait. , where we see Leopards beautiful, attractive, graceful and sometimes seductive.

A new, provocative, stimulating image; to find oneself a handsome Leopardi opens the doors to an in-depth reading of the unconscious, and how to see a poet’s shining soul translated into his physique, a kind of osmosis between the soul (..) and physical features.

Leopardi was undoubtedly one of the great poets of the past, with a life troubled by the context that surrounded him, in love with the women to whom he dedicated letters and poems and Convertino when he interpreted the character went so far as to interpret his loves as well. , dedicates tables and scenes to the women of Leopardi, especially to Silvia, or Teresa, if we want to call her by her real name.

In fact, Silvia of Leopardi’s poetry was none other than Teresa Fattorini, daughter of the Leopardi driver, who died of consumption ten years before she composed the verses.

The poet decided to change his name as a tribute to Torquato Tasso, who in Aminta had told a shepherd’s unrequited love for a mortal nymph, Silvia.

Convertino’s tables therefore also contain interpretations of Silvia del Tasso; a nymph with human features, typical of the iconographies reserved for elemental beings.GIACOMO LEOPARDI NICOLA CONVERTINO

But the Convertinon does not stop at the canon but lowers his roots in depth and rediscovers an almost esoteric Leopardi, apostle to an ancient religion better known as Zoroastrianism, whose exponent was Zarathustra himself.

Leopardi in his ode “To Arimane” performs the Zoroastrian dualism but in his own way, with all his pessimism that makes him believe that there is no redemption after death and he comes to invoke this devilish creature and asks him to have him to die. at 35 years.

In short, the Convertino artist goes beyond the normal interpretation of the idyllic Leopardi by shifting the emphasis to a more surreal vision of the character but which is in line with the idea of ​​Giovanni Papini, Carducci and also Rudolf Steiners, also Convertino, in some tables he compares the Recanate poet with the figure of Giordano Bruno and even with the figure of Nietzsche, who with his antichrist is very close to Leopardi’s thought.

Each of them gives a different version of the advent of the Antichrist or Ahriman, but Leopardis is the most extreme and pessimistic.

Giacomo Leopardi had a philosopher’s caliber but a philosopher was not, unlike Giordano Bruno who had a poet’s caliber but a poet was not … a kind of role reversal; one a great poet and the other a great philosopher, both enchanted by the land so close to Vesuvius that they both watched and were inspired.

Everything you find in Convertino’s tables will be a summary of Leopardi’s thought that sometimes borders on poetry and sometimes on the poet’s typical pessimism.

The colors are strong when needed but soft when they represent women, a beautiful sight but that leaves room for reflection.


Nicola Convertino is a 360 ° creative, with all the strengths and weaknesses of a pure artist, who creates his shows in the same way as his paintings. He pursues his artistic vein without pragmatism but only for the purpose of creation. He lives in Casette d’Ete (Sant’Elpidio a Mare) and from there he moves all over the world, where they call him. Now it has the Sanremo Music Awards Cuba 2022 in the pipeline, which will be held in La Havana, from April 5 to 10, six days of music, fashion, food and business. A bridge between Italy and Cuba, which will be based on music and song and which will at the same time bring Italian taste to the “Pearl of the Caribbean” (as the tour operators define it) or to the “navel of the world”. “(according to Jovanotti). appreciated on the island. It starts with music to create the right magic and then show fashion, culinary arts and crafts in the Marche and Italy.


Nicola Convertino versatile artist; over the course of his life he went from music to art to writing, so all that had only an artistic glow to him is humus-filled terrain. He begins to take his first steps in the artistic field with his mother model in art and great painter, muse for the greatest Italian painters of the 20th century: Emilio Greco, Remo Brindisi, Renato Guttuso, Purificato, Mazzacurati, Trubbiani, Ivo Pannaggi, Montanarini and many others, including many from abroad, all curious to be able to immortalize this icon of Italian art on the canvas. Therefore, since he was a child, Nicola has lived in the midst of all these “holy monsters” of painting and more, there are also many writers, poets, musicians who have visited his home throughout his childhood, intoxicated by the atmosphere there reigned. Fate was already written Nicola becomes a musician, painter, sculptor, TV producer, music producer … and more and more, nothing is foreign to his burning brushstrokes … he paints everywhere; canvases, paper, walls, creates installations, scenographies, sculptures, prices … he no longer knows how to contain everything he has absorbed in a lifetime, he also creates TV formats, founds a music magazine, creates music prices, organizes tours everything all over the world, in short, from 12 years up to the current age, he has a biography that can be attributed to 3 people, it seems impossible that a single person could have achieved everything that is there, practically a volcano that erupts! When I talk to him, I discover that he is a geologist and has studied magic and esotericism for over 20 years … it is impossible to keep up with him, he says that “… my brain boils, when I get up on in the morning I meet life mechanically with at least 50 things to do during the day … and then I do more … I would like to live my next life and devote myself to research, to discover our future path to correct the past and I see in my daughter the seed of delirium which has long since germinated in me ”.


The next step was the organization of concerts, shows, events and the artistic direction of many nightclubs on the Riviera, until the collaboration with important management agencies, until Nicola started her own business and founded the Insomnia Agency with the ” organization of important tours; in the coming years we will talk about James Brown, Lisa Stansfield, Matt Bianco, Gloria Gaynor, Grace Jones, Barry White, Santa Esmeralda, Ray Charles, BB King and many others. During this period he also began the collaboration with Claudio Cecchhetto’s “Clan” and the collaboration with the group he produced “Via Verdi” and the long Italian tour.

In 2000, Insomnia forcibly opened its doors abroad and organized “Sanremo in the Kremlin”, an event that led to Nicola Convertino becoming a reference point for organizers abroad. The Kremlin event was filmed and broadcast by the first Russian channel in 2 years at a rapid pace, over 300 journalistic articles were written worldwide. The musical guests were 35 of the most famous and most accredited Italian artists: Lucio Dalla, Antonello Venditti, Enrico Ruggeri, Masini, Baccini, Matia Bazar, Syria, Amedeo Minghi, Toto Cutugno, Pupo, Riccardo Fogli, Blessing, Tony Esposito, Modugno , Albano and many others. In the wake of the event, others followed, such as “Sanremo in Romania” and two editions of the “Sanremo Music Awards” in Uzbekistan, in its capital Tashkent.

Convertino creates the event “Sanremo Music Awards” which over the years has been held in Mexico, St. Paul of Brazil, Moscow and Brussels, Tenerife, Tunis, Uzbekistan ety. etc.



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