No one knows but here’s what happens when you drink cold coffee

Aaah, delicious the coffee! It represents the perfect excuse to meet friends and chat even in a short time, it is perfect for breakfast, such as digestion after lunch, for a snack with a biscuit and there are those who drink it even after dinner.
But many prefer cold coffee to the hot, but is it good for your health?
A study showed that iced coffee is a lot less acid than hot and therefore less likely to cause heartburn or irritable bowel problems.

And what happens to people who drink cold coffee after lunch?
Many people have a habit of drinking cold coffee after lunch because they claim that it makes people digest, therefore it is considered a good habit, but it is important to know that in reality this is not the case.
In fact, it has been shown that this habit can have negative effects on our health, which many experts recommend avoiding completely.

Even if there is no scientific evidence, drink it cold coffee after lunch, it can cause indigestion as it can change the condition of things previously eaten, making digestion more difficult.
So what are the specific negative effects of drinking cold coffee after lunch? Drinking cold coffee after lunch can cause not only severe stomach pain but also bloating.

This is because certain foods, if they come in contact with cold coffee, tend to expand, causing an increase in the volume of the stomach that may actually appear more swollen than in the normal state and even cause pain. The cold coffee after lunch, it completely disturbs the stomach temperature just when the digestive process begins, which for this reason slows down. Drinking cold coffee after lunch can also cause congestion if the body is particularly hot or sweaty.

Curiosity: Caffeine is lost in cold coffee
The answer is no. The amount of caffeine does not change the temperature, so if you love cold coffee, you can say “yes” to freshness, but do not overdo it. A curious socio-psychological study claims that those who drink very hot coffee are a person with a strong character, while those who prefer cold coffee are very attached and dependent on their mother.

Cold coffee it is more popular in Italy, especially in summer, cooked in a classic way but bottled, sweetened and stored in the refrigerator.

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