Not just coffee grounds, to strengthen your plants use this: all at no cost

Want to discover a trick to strengthen plants at no cost? No coffee grounds this time, just this special ingredient.

Back from our summer vacation Plant they need more attention and a lot of care. In fact, even if we have been able to keep them alive, we have not been able to observe the changes they have undergone during this time.

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September has now arrived and although the temperatures are still very warm, the first changes in plant life are taking place. New flowers begin to appear, new kinds of plants and so on. Those coming and those already there need to be treated as much as possible. So let’s see a trick to know them boost at no cost. Stavola is not about using coffee grounds, but a very special ingredient that will make them perfect.

You will be able to strengthen your plants for free if you use this simple ingredient: this is what you really need

We have already said that plants need a lot of care to grow perfectly: care, attention, fertilization and water are the most important things that cannot be done without. Plants are life and for this reason, especially if we have them at home, we must make sure that they are perfectly cared for, in the best possible way. Back from vacation, hoping they’re not dead, we have to look closely at the ground to see if they need fertilizer, water, or anything else.

As we all know, what makes plants really strong and viable is the fertilizer: potassium, iron, calcium and phosphorus really make them perfect. How can we integrate all this with natural ingredients that cost zero or at least little to nothing? Coffee grounds are commonly used, but today we’re going to let you use another really effective ingredient. We are talking about citrus peel.

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These, especially if reduced to powder, can be an excellent fertilizer for the soil and can bring back the perfect plant like never before. All we need to make this natural fertilizer at no cost is:

  • citrus peel
  • mortar
  • lunch bag
  • colander
  • bowl

Let’s start by putting the citrus peel in a grocery bag, the transparent one so to speak. Let’s close it and leave it in a dark and cool place, so that the skins dry. When they become very hard, we can take them back, break them with our hands and crush them with a mortar, to get the powder. We then take the colander and a bowl; we put the skins in the big colander and we only get the powder from the skins. We take the bowl with the powder and sprinkle it on the soil on our plants. We water the soil and let them work. We will get a perfect result in no time.

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