Not just coffee: this is how the bar has changed over the years

Among the most beloved places from our childhood, youth and onwards, we truly find bar. It is a magical place, which has been the emblem of some significant moments of our existence and which even today represents the symbol of relaxation and ease, from many points of view.

Compared to before, however bar has drastically changed its character: if on the one hand it is a place that still guarantees its main functions today, on the other hand it can be said that many objects and various tools that have shaped its essence, today have changed considerably. But let’s look in detail.

Say goodbye to card phones

Among the most important changes we really find the almost total absence of the famous payphones or phones with cards. These are typical instruments from the bar of the nineties and beyond: the cheaters became strategic points for being able to talk to friends, girlfriends or distant relatives. Today, there are those who pick up both the tokens and the phone cards that were used.


Today, things have changed drastically, but until a few years ago, the bar was a unique place to play on the famous “machines”, a term that indicated gaming machines which today are popular in tobacco shops and gaming halls. After a long time, it should be said that slot machines are also easily accessible online, through whose gaming platforms you can discover everything online. It is enough to note that today it is even possible to consult some online arcade reviews to make the right choice.

Video game

It’s hard to think of a bar from the past that was not filled with Video game, strict tokens. Today, these are disappearing more and more from the cinemas, but it must be said that there is a great desire to go back to the past: there are many fans who buy historic gaming stations to keep at home or in the garage. To name a few, among the most famous video games that really created history, Asteroids and Pac-Man, but also Street Fighter and Metal Slug. There are many children and young people who have spent hours and hours in the past at bars with this fun.

Other historical games

Among the other historical games, which have an even older tradition, we certainly find football table And pinball. In the first case, we are talking about an ancient game, which has always been a beloved attraction and which even today, after the recent controversies, manages to entertain young and old. An all-Italian game that then went around the world and achieved unsurpassed success.

When it comes to the pinball game, we are talking about a game that reached the peak of success between the eighties and nineties and which dominated the square before the video games came. A fun, engaging and very lively game that has retained and still holds fans for hours and hours. On the other hand, you can spend an entire evening without ever relaxing!

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