Not just eggshells or coffee, to eliminate snails from the vegetable garden or from the garden we try to call this unsuspecting and cute little animal

For those who grow salads, aromatic herbs, cabbage, cabbage, etc. in the garden, snails can prove to be a real nightmare. The surprising solution is an animal that acts as a valuable ally. Let’s find out how to attract it to our garden.

The most common natural remedy for snails

Between the end of May and the beginning of June, there are still several very healthy plants to sow in the garden. Still, all transplant or sowing work is probably in vain if the shoots are attacked by snails! Fortunately, some natural remedies come to our aid. One of the simplest methods is to create a protective barrier around the plants so that snails cannot reach them. Not only eggshells or coffee can be used for this purpose, but also other materials, such as sawdust or wood chips. However, there is an advantage to prefer eggshells and coffee grounds: these are waste that is found in almost every kitchen, which costs us nothing and is easy to find.

If we want to use eggshells, we have to wash them, let them dry well and then cut them into small pieces. All that remains is to use the obtained powder (or coffee grounds) to create a ring barrier around the plant. However, this grandmother’s cure has one downside: it’s a laborious process, as it requires you to protect the plants one by one. So here is an alternative solution.

Not just eggshells or coffee, to eliminate snails from the vegetable garden or from the garden we try to call this unsuspecting and cute little animal

One way to reduce the presence of pests in the garden is to attract predatory insects. For example, you can sow the flowers that the ladybugs recall, so that the latter feed on aphids. But ladybugs, even if they are very voracious, obviously can do nothing against snails! However, there is another predator that loves snails, as well as insects: the hedgehog. But how do you receive this cute little animal in your vegetable garden or garden?

To create an environment that can recall curls, you need to follow a few simple tips:

  • avoid pesticides and poisons, which can be bad for hedgehogs;
  • leave a water source available for hedgehogs, which is also useful for bees and birds;
  • if you find it on the market, buy a hedgehog house;
  • alternatively create an environment that invites the hedgehog to build its own nest (hedges, tall grasses, piles of leaves, piles of wood or other nooks and crannies where the hedgehog can hide).

All that remains is to wait for the hedgehogs to decide to move to our garden and revel in snails!


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