Not just with ashes and coffee because we can send it away

Let’s imagine how nice it would be to have a small kitchen garden at home. Zero kilometers of vegetables and a lot of satisfaction, for consumption of organic products. Many people actually prefer to plant seeds and bulbs, to get a thriving crop.

Just think of the lemon tree. Live and flowering, the lemon tree makes our garden special and to have it fragrant and lush, kitchen waste is enough as a natural fertilizer. In our small green area, we need to pay attention to a number of factors.

Not only for natural fertilization, but also for sun exposure, hydration and placement. There are some vegetables or plants that would have specific needs compared to others. For example, it is also very important to take care of plants, especially after a pest infestation.

When it comes to the vegetable garden, snails and bedbugs would be the main problem. Although they may seem harmless, they are not in reality. Snails are harmful to vegetables because they feed on leaves and flowers, which are the lifeblood of their development.

Bed bugs are more than snails a real nightmare. In addition to feeding on leaves and flowers, bedbugs also attack fruits and vegetables, to the point that they cause serious damage. In fact, products that are infested with bed bugs become inedible.

Let’s open our eyes, especially during this period. Bedbugs and snails are more common during the summer months, especially because they love to feed on seasonal vegetables. Tomatoes, zucchini and lettuce are examples of this.

Stop the haunted garden

How can we keep snails and bedbugs away from the garden? Excellent herbal remedies would be for example ash and coffee. Place only one or both of these products near the vegetables, creating a real protective barrier.

Between the smell of coffee and the repellent ash, which is also a good natural fertilizer, snails and bedbugs will not think twice about getting close. Fortunately, not only with ash and coffee, because we can also chase away these annoying hecklers by expanding our green space.

By adding repellent plants to the garden, it may be possible to finally say goodbye to snails and bedbugs. The plants with repulsive effect to have, absolutely, are nettles and chervil, both wild.

Not only with ash and coffee because we can also get rid of snails and bedbugs from the garden with these repulsive plants

We use gloves when touching nettles, as it can sting, while chervil can also be used in the culinary area, instead of parsley. In fact, it is similar in texture and taste, although it has a more delicate taste.

Just plant the nettle and chervil next to the vegetables and we will not see any snails or bedbugs anymore. In any case, there are natural products that can eliminate both snails and bedbugs. In the first case, a cure may be beer, while in the second case neem oil.

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