Not only coffee for breakfast but also foods rich in vitamins and minerals that would be good for your memory and brain including spices

Many Italians do not give up breakfast in the morning and this is a sign that there is a deep-rooted belief in people. Eating an Italian breakfast would improve the mood we are facing the day with. For many, it would be the most important meal and it is necessary to consume not only coffee for breakfast but cooked, complete and healthy dishes. The body needs fuel in the morning and breakfast should be rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Getting to the main meals without eating constantly during breaks would be important to stay in shape and not increase the waist. A good breakfast can make us feel full until lunchtime. Keeping the causes of obesity and diabetes under control would help protect the heart as well as the brain, breakfast is the meal that most of all would have consequences in this sense.

Needs to be respected

Eating breakfast would stimulate the metabolism and provide the necessary energy that must be burned during the first part of the day. To protect the brain and improve memory, we should choose foods that are neuroprotective, that is, have a high content of fatty acids such as omega 3.

After eating a cup of coffee or ginseng, we can wrap milk with flakes and red fruits with Greek yogurt with nuts, flax seeds and avocado cubes. They are all foods rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, magnesium and potassium. Satisfactory but with very few calories. Magnesium would be important in keeping the concentration high, especially if it works with vitamin B6. The vitamin is found in whole grains such as oats, wheat and rice but also in milk. The consumption of milk and yoghurt should never be lacking and to meet the necessary needs we should consume two servings during the day.

Not only coffee for breakfast but also foods rich in vitamins and minerals that would be good for your memory and brain including spices

These beneficial elements for the brain and memory can also be taken through tasty breakfasts. A breakfast cooked as if it were dinner could give us a lot of nourishment. Turkey, for example, contains B vitamins and is consumed for breakfast with toast and EVO oil would give us a salty base to which we can add green tea or cranberry juice. These two drinks counteract free radicals that are the cause of the aging of cells, including brain cells.

Let us remember to use spices if we decide to have dinner for breakfast. With bread, oil and eggs, we can pamper ourselves and add turmeric, sage, rosemary or chili. To get the right contrast, we can then freshen up with a fruit salad of kiwi, mango, bananas and chocolate flakes. Of course, let’s not forget the ginger. It is one of the most useful spices for stimulating dopamine and serotonin in the cerebral cortex and hippocampus.

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We are wrong to believe that this food can damage the liver or swollen stomach, one cup a day would reduce flatulence and protect the brain.

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