Oh what a beautiful coffee: how Claudio Calvisi’s passion was born

Another meeting with the column dedicated to coffee lovers: this time we enter the world of Claudio Calvisi, our roasting “guru”, who has passionately studied the coffee sector for 10 years, so much so that he has created a YouTube channel, 99 cafes, which has almost one million members.

In recent weeks, we have found out about it with him where you can enjoy a coffee for only 30 centswe went to Sigep in Rimini, we saw what water we would use for the machine at home … This week Claudio Calvisi he talks about himself with his usual cheerfulness and he does so through a podcast, “Your Business”, hosted by Simone di Ninofounder of the marketing agency Scoout (scoout.it), e Manuel Rosiniteachers of computer graphics and podcasts.

“For me,” explains Calvisi, “it was an opportunity to tell how 99 Caffè, my brand that I produce in L’Aquila, was born. I told the story of a family, the one about Aveja godis, the historic company that for over 40 years has been producing sweets, liqueurs, nougats and chocolates from the Abruzzo tradition, including the most powerful digestive agent in the world, gentiana, but also the sour cherry ratafia. Obviously, the typical can not be missed Aquilano nougata nice variety of almond and hazelnut biscuits “.

Spinel Ciao, the perfect coffee machine

“The family business started with my grandmother – remembered Calvisi – Aveja is the cemetery in Fossa, an ancient civilization, my father’s family comes from there. Our story began over 50 years ago. My grandmother in the village was known for her desserts, made with almonds and hazelnuts, of which the territory is rich.In Fossa my grandmother had become a point of reference: when there was an occasion, when a son got married, he could not miss the “compliment” that one of our biscuits was offered neighbors and relatives.My father grew up among these aromas, between the scent of vanilla, butter and sugar.To honor this great woman, he decided to make a production of these biscuits, with simplicity, without upsetting the original recipes. Started with the candy, how did you get to the coffee? “It was very simple, in addition to desserts, we also make liqueurs, made as they once were: gentiana, ratafià, in short fine meals that can also be combined with our biscuits. What is missing for a perfect end to the meal? The coffee! Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. “

In the future, a spontaneous question arises: why should coffee be drunk without sugar? “Coffee is something personal and subjective, if you are to put it, but I know that it neutralizes the aromas and complexity of the drink, which is why I choose not to use it. Then if you love it with sugar, it’s okay too, because when you try to make everything complex and sophisticated, you lose the essence. My job is to spread the culture with good coffee, not to dictate rules ”.

We do not want to give you too many previews: Claudio’s video this week is waiting to be discovered. In addition, at this linkthe indications if you want to taste Calvisi coffee produced in its micro-roasting:

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