On the Amalfi Coast coffee “off” at a bar, but it is forbidden in high summer. Here due

On the Amalfi Coast coffee “suspended” from a bar, but it is forbidden in high summer. Here due. In short, coffee can not be served at the table because there are no bathrooms for the disabled, this is the content of the story of Cafe Marcel in Maiori on the Amalfi Coast. But how come? Mayor Capone turned to Emiliano Amato’s newspaper della Costiera “It is always a defeat when you limit yourself to closing a business, whether small or large, when you have to prevent someone from the right to work enshrined in our constitution” . This is what Maiori Mayor Antonio Capone explains to Quotidiano della Costiera after the heated controversy surrounding the revocation of the permit for administration at the tables in the Cafe Marcel bar by the municipal offices due to the lack of toilets for the disabled. Serving is forbidden only for outdoor tables, not at the counter.

“It’s always a defeat when you have to rely on the judiciary to solve certain problems that are not prescribed either by national laws or by municipal rules or regulations – adds the mayor – I say this both for my nature as everyone knows well, both for family background and for a personal experience that I lived last year when, after an anonymous complaint, the family business was closed for a few weeks and more today I pay legal consequences ».

“In the specific case, the management activity only for sale at the counter is the consequence of a national law which prescribes the obligation to have a bathroom for the disabled for the premises that provide food and drink, without taking into account either the size of the premises or the place” explains Capone, who wants to clarify the matter, tells the facts in detail: “Everything was highlighted by a report in the spring of 2021 by an association for the protection of the rights of the disabled, reapplied this spring. The municipality, more specifically the administrative-bureaucratic part, can only enforce the rule and can not refrain from doing so, regardless of who is mayor or councilor at that moment ”.

But according to director Mario Ruggiero’s social report, the controversy is raging. There are many who link the announcement of the provision that took place in the heart of the summer season to the political hostility that owner Marcello Ferrara never hid from the Capone administration.

“There have been, during this year, various discussions with the head of the bar – reveals the mayor – to arrive at a possible and definitive solution. But the way the owner wanted, probably suggested by his lawyers, was to turn to administrative justice to assert their reasons.I think the action may be late and only on this I want to take the blame, the responsibility of having sought another solution with the offices and the owner.I am angry but in my role I can not give up to uphold the law ».

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