“One hand washes the other” on May 28 at 4.30 pm at Caffè Letterario in Ravenna

RAVENNA – A training program for circular economy, focused on topics such as the green revolution and waste reduction. An important didactic path that presupposes teaching in chemical principles for reuse and recycling measures. And so is the solidarity aspect of charity on the city break. It’s about the project “One hand washes the other”Performed by prof. Pancucci from Liceo Classico Dante Alighieri and 20 students in fourth grade.

The idea was to make vegetable soaps with used sunflower oil, supplied by Restaurant Ca ‘de Vèn of Ravenna, through the cold saponification process, using caustic soda, demineralized water, food colors and perfumed essences. The material used for the packaging, 100% recycled, was obtained from used rolls of wrapping paper from Smurfit Kappa from Massa Lombarda.

A good circle that is not limited to the principles of environmental sustainability but opens up to society by donating the offers received from the soap distribution to Linea Rosa ODV.

“We are very pleased to have been involved in this beautiful project that sees the men and women of tomorrow as the protagonists who are engaged in small but truly significant actions for the future of the planet.”comments President of Linea Rosa Alessandra Bagnara. The villa to combine the theme of gender-based violence with a project that is already virtuous in itself – Bagnara continues – gives us hope in the new generations. During this year, we have arranged two educational meetings with these young people to work with awareness of violence issues. The aim was to focus on small measures that would be implemented in practice to trigger the change in social perspective that is necessary to reduce the gender gap. “One hand washing the other project is a fantastic result in this sense”.

The last appointment of the course, in the presence of teachers in the Lyceum and by the municipal authorities, is scheduled Saturday 28 May at 4.30 pm at Caffè Letterario di Diaz in Ravenna.

Linea Rosa, together with students, invites citizens to participate in large numbers. The soaps will remain as long as the stock lasts, even in the following days in some selected shops in the historic city center.

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