Oreo cups with coffee, the irresistible and quick spoonful joy

Mythically amazing recipe to try right away, the Oreo cups with coffee, the irresistible and quick spoon joy that everyone likes.

Double super greedy goodness to make your evenings special, the Oreo coffee cups are the novelty to conquer all. A delicate and irresistible pleasure for the spoon, quick to prepare, which you can also offer to guests.

Oreo cups with coffee

The fluffy, very soft texture of a mousse in two different flavors that marry wonderfully to give everyone a pleasant feeling of freshness enclosed in a fantastic and delicate cloud. An unrivaled mix that only takes a few minutes to store in the fridge and is served at the right time.

Everything good with coffee combined with the unmistakable taste of Oreos.

What do you say, let’s prepare them together? These clouds of goodness are just waiting to be prepared. Then prepare all the ingredients, fasten your apron and let’s get started right away.

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Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes

Ingredients for 4 servings

For the coffee mousse

200 ml fresh cream
2 tablespoons of instant coffee
60 g of sugar
100 ml of water

For the Oreo Mousse

350 ml cream for desserts
150 g white chocolate
25 oreo cookies

Cooking Oreo cups with coffee

To make this fresh goodness, open the oreo cookies, pour the cream into a bowl and add the melted white chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave for a few seconds, stir and let cool. Separately, whip the cream until stiff and add it to the white cream. Mix well until the mixture is homogeneous.

White chocolate
White chocolate

In a separate bowl, pour the very cold cream from the fridge, start mixing. Add the soluble coffee dissolved in the water and sugar, run the beater at maximum power and make the mixture homogeneous.


Pour some of the coffee mousse into the selected cups, place the oreo on top and decorate as desired. Keep the cups in the fridge until they are to be served on the table. Have a nice meal.

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