Oro Caffè lands in 80 stores in the DESPAR chain

An absolute novelty for the historic Friulian brand ORO CAFFÈ, which steps on the gas pedal in large-scale distribution and enters over 80 stores of the giant DESPAR.

The Friulian company GOLDEN COFFEEfor over 35 years, the excellent taste and a point of reference in the catering and quality bar sector, has recently marked a very important step in its commercial development policy: distribute 250 GR and 500 gr family coffee packs also in large distribution, or in supermarkets, as well as in the 2,000 the bars where you can already taste it only in the Triveneto area.

This is how ORO CAFFÈ will also be available from today at 80 points of sale in the chain SAVEthanks to a commercial agreement just reached with the distribution giant to the public.

It is with sincere pride that I find myself leading this important step, sanctioned today with our introduction into the large chain managed by ASPIAG Service, concessionaire of the Despar, EuroSpar and Interspar brands in Triveneto, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy with the aim on that a pact process that this company guarantees with the reality of the territory – explaining Elisa Toppano, Marketing Manager ORO CAFFÈfor our company this is a real challenge, as we have managed to guarantee the high quality level of our coffee by proposing it in a format suitable for domestic use. We have high expectations for this new partnership, which we hope will soon bring full satisfaction to end customers and thus an increase in our presence on the shelves.

At the moment, the company will be present in DESPAR supermarkets with 3 references: 250 gr. 100% Arabica ground coffee and the PREZIOSO blend and 500 gr. in grain always of PRECIOUS.

The development of the Friulian company ORO CAFFÈ is interesting which, despite the last 3 years of deep crisis in the sector, has taken a new step with a positive sign of turnover, also thanks to the constant development on the foreign side (where it is present with 3 branches of which one in Toronto, one in Germany and one very recently opened in Croatia) and about the expansion of the product range.

GOLDEN COFFEE thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Stefano Toppano and Chiara De Nipoti, it was founded in 1987 as a company specializing in the selection, roasting and blending of the best coffee. Today, the company is run by the whole family thanks to the entry of the second generation: Elisa Marketing Manager and Ketty Operating Director and Canada Country Manager. ORO CAFFÈ is located in Tavagnacco (UD) and uses the finest coffee qualities in the world for a daily production of up to 6,000 kg of coffee beans, which can be tasted in about two thousand places in Italy, and is also a manufacturer of a closed system of espresso capsules. Present in the foreign market since 1989, it now has distributors in 42 countries, with its own branch in Toronto, Canada. Since 2009 in “Scuola ORO CAFFÈ” a complete and in-depth education on the culture and techniques of coffee preparation has been offered, through courses in coffee and Latte Art. COFFEE begins to integrate Thai coffee Doi Chaang into its valuable blends. Since 2014, ORO CAFFÈ is one of the founders of the “Consortium for the Protection of Traditional Italian Espresso”. Since March 2015, ORO CAFFÈ has been on the international market with 6 cafes from its ADORO CAFE chain, a project born with the aim of spreading the culture of Italian espresso and coffee in Italy and around the world. In 2019, the first German branch of Oro Caffè GMBH opens in Germany.

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