Barley coffee, what it is, how it is prepared and properties

What is this Barley coffee is a drink alternatives to coffee traditional, naturally free of caffeine or other stimulants. The absence of stimulating effects makes barley coffee a valid alternative to traditional coffee in people who are upset, anxious or suffering from insomnia. As the name suggests, barley coffee is prepared with barley grains, a … Read more

The workshop on the coffee world arrives in Siena

A new way of thinking about coffee as a sustainable and socially responsible product A new way of approaching coffee, expands its potential. And a new way of thinking about coffee as a sustainable and socially responsible product. In short, the cup changes role. And Confcommercio Siena, together with Diba 70, the San Gomignano company … Read more

San Severino, inauguration of the new literary café inside the library – Picchio News

Culture San Severino Marche A space for everyone, and open to everyone, where you can meet to read a book, simply to socialize and be distracted, to participate in a presentation or to just exchange a word. Inside the municipal library “Francesco Antolisei”, on the occasion of Museum Night, the new one was officially inaugurated … Read more

Automatic coffee from bean to cup Innovative marketing strategies until 2027 Schaerer, Philips, Andrew James, Delonghi – Brianza Donna

“ The Bean to Cup Automatic Coffee Market Research report covers everything you need to know about retail. It provides an overview of the high-level market, including its definition, applications and developments, as well as manufacturing technology. This Bean-to-Cup automatic coffee market survey follows all current market progress and discoveries. Provides information on problems that … Read more

natural method without chemicals

At this time of year, it is normal for insects to multiply inside exponential: to overcome the problem of ant nightmares in particular, coffee grounds could be used. It is a natural method without chemicals. Stop the ants’ nightmare at home (C. Schüßler from Adobe Stock Photo) DAY BEST RECIPE: Spaghetti alla Nerano, the last … Read more

Now you can pay for the coffee at the machine with the app

Looking for a coin in your pockets to win the coveted coffee at the machine can be a picture that has been lost to the past. A research on digital payments in automatic distribution presented during a conference at the event Venditalia Worldwide Vending Showthe most important exhibition dedicated to automatic distribution, which this year … Read more