The second life for used coffee capsules

The coffee break can be more sustainable if the used capsules are recycled correctly. In this way, they can actually be intended for other important uses. An example is the system built by Nespressoin association with Cial (Aluminum Packaging Consortium), Utilitalia (Association of Water, Energy and Environment Companies) e Cic (Italian composting consortium): thanks to … Read more

Naples, the bar where coffee is still made with “cuccuma”: “There is no urgency here”

In the historic center of Naples, via San Giovanni Maggiore Pignatelli, there is a bar which still preserves, guards, but above all keeps alive, an ancient custom. Here coffee is prepared as it used to be, with cuccuma, also called cuccumella or Neapolitan, it’s the old coffee pot that the bar’s name also draws inspiration … Read more

What is coffee roasting and how it is done

Let’s go back to the thousand curiosities about the coffee world and let’s focus today on a basic process: what is coffee roasting and how does it work? Let’s try to explain it in a simple way. Roasting is nothing more than a heat treatment to which green coffee beans are subjected, that is, a … Read more

What happens to people who do not drink coffee in 5 days? Incredibly hurts the heart, head and blood sugar

Suddenly quitting coffee causes abstinence from caffeine. You have headaches, fatigue, nausea, body aches and irritability. It takes 2-3 days not to feel the need for caffeine. Abstinence begins between 12 and 24 hours after the last cup. What are the withdrawal symptoms from coffee? Migraine, body aches, drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, irritability and fatigue. Coffee … Read more

Giancarlo Brocci talks about Gino Bartali, the meeting at Eroica Caffè on February 23, 2022 Events in Padua

Wednesday, February 23, at 18.00, Eroica Caffè Padova will host an event dedicated to a great myth about cycling: Giancarlo Brocci tells Gino Bartali. If it is true that there are athletes whose significance goes beyond sports, figures who have entered our country’s history and who have helped to build a common imagination, among these … Read more

Caffè Moreno joins Certified Special Coffees

A new member has joined CSC – Certified Special Coffee, which for more than 25 years has promoted the spread and culture of quality coffee: Moreno coffee. A “proud Neapolitan” roastery, founded in 1962 by Ferdinando Percuoco, who was succeeded by his sons Umberto, Maurizio, Claudio and Laura and now sees the entry of representatives … Read more